If AD is out

Mbye to fullback, not sure about the left combo. I think the young pairing on the left might be an issue but you never know.

Simple Mbye is the next best fullback …Joey is back ???

Having a goal kicker is a must,bring in a development player if possible.Probably lost 3 games due to this plus the dissapointment on the players faces was palpable.Instead of being 10 up after 2 tries its only 6 and gives the opposing side a leg up.

Has Talau ever played FB. He has all the attributes - tall, good under the high ball, good passing game, reasonable defence. Just thinking outside the square as i don’t want Mbye in the team.

Don’t be too concerned if AD is out,I’m sure Madge will replace him with someone equally as bad at missing goals . so don’t worry. Mbye still there.

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