Looks like they are running dead but Thomas is making it too obvious. This guy can’t even catch. Week in week out he crucifies this team.
Got a lot of mates tonight too.

he has gone backwards big time, always a bit clumsy but has nothing to offer

Just strange whats happened with him.

Not running onto the ball hard, but instead skipping and hopping into contact. So disappointing given how good he was early on.

Obviously strong and bends the line, but is horribly slow and hands are ordinary.

We have no forwards that look energetic in what they are doing.

I said the same last week and got hounded for it. The bloke offers nothing.

I don’t think he’s been that bad bar a couple of errors. Still a hard runner. He’s not our issue, it’s the likes of Mbye and Brooks that need to go

The effort isn’t there and that’s what’s most disappointing. He’s our best forward in attack when he tries, save for Luciano.

Aloiai needs to go, the guy has no leadership qualities and no improvement in him.
I know he’s a forum favourite but I just don’t see it

douie no better. worst full back. i rather have corey thompson. and mbye i rather have a reserve grade.

Going through a tough period no doubt. Needs to show some mental toughness and quick smart.

He’s a bit hot and cold. Had two good games against Souths and Broncos where he really makes impact running the footy. Then just has those games where he gives away penalties and drops the ball.

Inconsistent like a lot of our team. Still a kid and still a good option as a short minute impact prop off the bench but he’ll need to find more consistency

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