Foxsports stats from Tigers V Bulldogs

Huge from Aloai AD and Nofo

Liddle with 39 tackles as well noice

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Liddle will get some confidence out of that hit out

Not often we get 3 players runnong 200+.The only highlight in a very poor effort

Not sure that our bench forwards offered a whole lot. Hopefully Twal can come back and start at prop with Garlic Sauce (who can hold his head up high today). Packer can’t be a starter for me. Was great to see Liddle back and aside from being gassed at points he was a bright spot for us today. Our halves also left a fair bit to be desired and the defense as a whole was tragic.

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Packer 78 mts that’s an embarrassment

McIntyre and seyfarth need replacing

Do we bring Simpkin to replace Reynolds position surely we go all out from here

Wow 206m Aloiai. Massive numbers. I wonder what the WT prop record is.

Massive game by Aloiai

Aloiai is the forward leader, no doubt. No one else in the front row hits it up like him.

It’d belong to Woods I reckon.

Aloiai and Nofo post contact is insane almost 50% of the metres were made after hitting defender

I didn’t think JA ran that far!!! He should be captain

@OzLuke said in Foxsports stats from Tigers V Bulldogs:

I didn’t think JA ran that far!!! He should be captain

That bloke is money in the bank for this club, if he could just be a bit more vocal, he’d be perfect.

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