[OPINION] Josh Aloiai can be an elite NRL player

[OPINION] Josh Aloiai can be an elite NRL player
(By ME because I am bored. No analysis of his game here. I noticed he has been carrying himself differently and wanted to comment on it.)

Josh Aloiai has realised what it takes to be an elite NRL player.

He has been at the Wests Tigers since 2016. A one year, rookie contract bloomed into a reliable player. He started as a second rower, moving to lock, then finding a home in the front row. He is now a leader at the Wests Tigers, a goal he set for himself long ago. His coach, Michael Maguire, believed there was a large amount of untapped potential, and challenged him to be more than just a member of the squad.

Since the 2020 NRL season restarted in round 3, he has been one of the most consistent players for his team. Heads were starting to turn, fans of opposition teams were recognising his accomplishments.

Things hit the fan in round 11 against Parramatta. His lateral movement lagged and basic errors snuck back into his game. In the next two games against the Warriors and Newcastle, he lacked physicality and was man-handled. This was the turning point. After nine great performances, there was one mediocre one and two bad ones. All-in-all, he had performed well in three quarters of his games. This is not enough. The elite players in the NRL have great performances nine out of ten games, and go entire seasons without having poor games. Aloiai wants to be one of those players.

Round 14 against the Bulldogs saw him return to the form of those nine great games. He made his presence known both physically and statistically, to both the opposition and his own team. If the performance was converted to a statement, perhaps it would read, “This is our standard. You meet it every week.” In the heat of a game, the performance lifts your team. After the game, self-reflection reveals one’s true standards. Those who bask in the glory have reached their peak. Those who can both celebrate, acknowledge and critique themselves will grow. Aloiai knew that he was simply doing his job. The best players do not dwell on past performances. They take notes, analyse and evolve their games.

Pride has always held the Tigers back. The sense of satisfaction in a personal performance often led to searching for repeat sessions, often forgetting the process it took to experience it. No two performances are ever the same, no matter which medium they are expressed through. In rugby league, trying to repeat what you did last week will only end in disappointment. It has been the club’s achilles heel since its inception. Aloiai aims to break this mold, show his teammates how it is done and drag the club into a new era. Consider him the barometer of the Wests Tigers. If he is on, they are all on.

Josh could be anything his tough uncompromising BUT has to turn up every game there were a couple of games I had to double check he was in the 17.

I guess that is the question …did Aloiai fail after Rd 11 or did the WT’s do what happens quite regularly when the week in week out grind of the NRL takes it’s toll on a side that was performing above itself for the 10 previous weeks

It has definitely been his best start to a season …but he needs to perform against arguably the best 6 sides in the comp over the next 6 weeks

Good test coming up for the remainder of the season. Just needs to deliver consistently & he’ll get there.

Good stuff Kazoo, I agree and I think he’s got the makings of a future captain in a club which let’s face it, is pretty light on for leadership, due in part to most of the experienced players we have recruited turning out to be major disappointments

I think he is doing great… My concern is we don’t resign him quick enough and a big club comes along and offers big money (or should I say average money plus a brown bag) … We really need to lock down the real good ones and he fits that bill

I share this opinion…

Josh has leadership qualities no qualms in Josh becoming one of the cornerstones of Wests Tigers pack…reckon Madge feels the same…

Lock him in long-term. Consistency is an issue for the entire team. WT do not get the luxury of dropping intensity against the lower teams and still winning, so Josh needs to be at the elite level every week until a team can be built around him.

Really played well this year but needs to be consistent every game. Future leader definitely. Love him to be signed up long term. Needs to watch Webke and JWH and their impact on games at all levels.

He has been our best prop/middle forward this year by a mile. He is getting close to the level of the top props in the game but as Happy stated above he needs to do that consistently against the top teams.

He is a likable guy as well. I hope we keep him with us for another 5 years and he improves from here on out.

I also think we need to ensure we give our forwards breaks throughout the year especially the guys in the middle. His poor performances might have been because he needed a break.

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Nice write up and I agree. Josh has the sort of passion for the club that can’t be bought or taught.

I’d actually like to see him named captain next season.

A full off season knowing his position as well as hitting the weights and his game should go to the next level.

@InMadgeWeTrust said in [OPINION] Josh Aloiai can be an elite NRL player:

Nice write up and I agree. Josh has the sort of passion for the club that can’t be bought or taught.

I’d actually like to see him named captain next season.

A full off season knowing his position as well as hitting the weights and his game should go to the next level.

No issue him being Captain next year if he continues to play at the same level as last week consistently.

Josh and Luciano are pretty much trying to do it on there own right now…

At 24, he has at times, single handedly carried our pack. Not gonna fault the odd loose game, he’ll be a NZ Test player end of 2020

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