Where do we go now?

Normally I have a long rant post loss…

But I have nothing. We have tried all approaches and none have worked. Our goal line D is appalling. One set and we crack. Madge has talked about resolve and character, but there is absolutely no proof of that.

Benji has had 20 good mins in two months, but the club will probably trot him out for positive PR all week.

AD and Liddle tons of heart, but the senior players are serial non winners. Roosters had half a team out today.

When it gets tough, or a game is needed…we just are rarely ever in the battle mentally.

How do we change the culture?

We need to get winners in and around the club. Change the media perception of us as well.
We have strong sponsors behind us, time to use them

Start by picking 8-9 different players next week.

Good question. Mentally we failed to turn up and as soon as something goes against us we fall apart. I don’t get it, it’s not a question of fitness or strength. It’s mental, it’s the same thing year after year regardless of the coach and I don’t know what else they can do to turn it around. I’m not convinced Bellamy could get this mob into the 8.

New halves that will take the line on every play. Opposition just slide as they know there is no risk especially when they are playing out the back 3m off the defensive line.

It just boggles me this hasn’t been sorted.

I never thought I’d say this but I cant wait for Benji to retire. My god we need a completely flush out of whatever has been here the last decade because they havent tasted success.

Reality is most of our starting team isn’t up to it, but they are the best we have.

We have the slowest team in the comp & and a forward pack of pillows.

Until we get better players and clean the old gap fillers we won’t improve.

Madge needs to take some of the blame,player selection still not right,Twal should have started and why Reynolds isn’t starting at 6 I don’t know.Benji,Garner,Joey awlful,need to all be dropped,horrible defence,where was McIntyre?

Need new halves, its as simple as that.

Things can’t stay how they are …but how do we attract the right players when we have so many of the wrong players

Whole team looks confused and not expecting the ball or catching the ball flat footed. Line speed in defence has evaporated.

Can’t help but think the halves chopping and changing has contributed to that.

Surely Benji is in his last year…

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