It's time to go...

Benji - retirement
Lawrence - retirement
McQueen - retirement
Clark - release
Seyfarth - release
Smith - release
Taylor - release
Eiso - release
McIntyre - release
Jennings - release

Mbye - release and pay half of salary
Packer - release and pay half of salary
Reynolds - release and pay half of salary
B Leilua- release if any takers
Mck - release if any takers
Bradley - release if any takers
Brooks - release of we can find a more consistent half
Garner - bench

Of course not all of these players can go at one time but as many as possible need to be shown the door so we can actually rebuild the club with winners.

Won’t be easy to offload players if squad sizes do decrease. We can pray they don’t.

Agree with all but Garner and BJ

BJ hasn’t been that bad, we dont set up any plays just throw him the ball and hope he can do something.

Garner has to defend Benji’s man and his own. Would like to see him not next to benji

I wouldn’t be releasing Sam McIntyre, he has a go
There was one notable exclusion from your list
Michael Maguire
But mostly I agree, only problem whose going to come to this rabble

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