Why don’t our forwards go forward?

Watching games over the weekend and especially the forwards from other teams. It struck me and a mate that the Tigers have a lot of tallish players with slimmer builds (Twal, Clark, Eiso, Garner, Seyfarth) but when you look at other teams, they have more stockier built forwards who seem to be able to roll forward. They can be tall but are just thicker set (JWH, Hamlin-Uele, Fonua-Blake).

I have been trying to understand why we don’t go forward and think there is a certain sameness to our pack. I don’t think it’s a lack of effort but while a rangy forward can be to tackle awkward one-on-one, they don’t seem to be able to maintain momentum with the gang tackling techniques used today.

Obviously we need to recruit forwards but do we also need to consider the body shapes as well?

We have a average pack that gets dominated, all the other teams are bigger and faster. Same as most years I’ve followed Wests Tigers. ! Miss Gareth Ellis lol.

Need some big bodies on the bench, that new guy from parra will help as well if the Bunty rumours are true.

Our strength and conditioning department has done a poor job with this group.

We’re not the fittest team and we’re not the strongest team. Why not? Afraid to work harder & smarter than everyone else?!

Last night was the perfect example. Scummy pamfers didn’t look bigger than our lads. But they were fitter, faster and stronger

Because they plod
All of them are plodders

Because our club see’s the “pack” as just prop forwards… We actually go alright in props, we are terrible across the “pack”.

Against Penrith, you dont get beaten in the middle by Tamou and co, you get beaten by Fischer-Harris, Kikau and Yeo.

Against the Roosters Hargreaves is a beast but he isnt opening you up, he is condensing the middle and Cordner and Touponuia are making incisive runs for quick PTB and getting them rolling…

You can do this with all the Top teams, prop forwards arent tearing teams up, its the locks and backrowers who get access to smaller players because the props have demanded respect in the early hit-ups.

We dont play that way… we continue into the ruck for 4 hit-ups, where we have condensed the big bodies and get hammered for lack of vision. We play skinny in the middle. We pull their big bodies into the ruck and then stupidly run directly to them the whole set most times.

Twal, Aloai, and Mikalele, are actually a set of very respectable props. Twal at lock is a defensive move, but he isnt in the same ball park as locks at the top performing clubs, an outstanding prop though, he can hold his own with the top guys at 8 or 10.

Find a lock… and then a half who can run our hookers once they read the ruck has condensed.

This post is deleted!

I think that many are forgetting that Penrith has possibly the largest junior nursery. There is a lot to choose from. If fact the nucleus of the current Penrith team is largely made up of the 2015 Under 20’s winning team. Wests Tigers to me appears to be a poorer version of Roosters who have a very small junior nursery.

Pamfers forwards hunt in a pack at speed
Our plodders just jog it up and run into the ruck one out trash time after time .

70, 55, 83, 43, 94, 33, 19, 35 supplementary’s 34, 16…

@Geo said in Why don’t our forwards go forward?:

70, 55, 83, 43, 94, 33, 19, 35 supplementary’s 34, 16…

only 45 numbers in lotto…

@Geo said in Why don’t our forwards go forward?:

70, 55, 83, 43, 94, 33, 19, 35 supplementary’s 34, 16…


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