Nrl ladder predictor

I just had a look at the NRL ladder predictor.
I know we do this every year, but it’s nice to have some hope…

If we beat Manly, Rabbitohs and eels- but lose to the storm. (Unlikely but doable, given opposition injuries)

And if sharks lose to knights, Roosters, raiders (They haven’t beat a team in the 8 yet) and the big game is next week against the warriors. If they lose that one, then we can make 8.
(Using autofill for the other games.)

Very slim chance, but a chance.
Never know, the stuff happening this week may galvanize and fire up the boys.

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Mathematically possible but the propability of it happening is 1 in a trillion zillion

You’re telling me there’s a chance…

One more win would be good, lets hope it happens this weekend.
Maybe our best opportunity.

Making the 8 is better than not making it but, it will probably just mean the season lasts one extra week for WT in an “away” game somewhere that none of us will be able to attend! And the pressure on making the play-offs is lifed a bit. Is that a good thing?

@Geo said in Nrl ladder predictor:

You’re telling me there’s a chance…

There’s a chance every year. I would like a tigers team by round 20 we know they are definitely going to be in the finals.

Small problem…

We couldn’t beat a drum.

Sharks lose to Knights 38-10 - tick
Next we need to beat Manly…

34-32 we get the job done against manly - tick

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