WT V Manly - Live Game Thread

All posts in here please, and please keep it clean.

Worried about Schuster , wish we got him

Here’s hoping we show some pride in the jersey.

Manly made massive metres on their opening set. Doesn’t bode well for our defensive attitude.

Gonna be a long game

Hmm, ordinary first set with everything looking rather slow.

Go Tigers need another WIN this season.

Am I only person who saw Nofa push Andrew Webster on the way out. Is that just nofa annoyed of him being in his way or a little more of his moral rn.

And we give Manly a set re-start, they’ll be camping on our line at the end of this set

Manly get a 6 again for nothing

Good evening Admin
Good evening Moderators 😬

We have no mongrel in defence at all, this is quite depressing.

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