NFL Tipping

NFL tipping comp for anyone who may be interested.

Early days so hopefully a few sign up. Have spammed all relevant pages.

Tip hard, Play hard!

Forget that last comp guys. ESPN have changed their format so i have moved the comp over to -

2020 NFL Tipping Comp.
Comp # 105600
Comp Password ANT2020

This one is the goods.

Knock out format as well.

Free to enter. looking for 40 or more people to make it worthwhile.

Looks like 54 people entered the tipping comp. Tip reminder that Thurs night football kicks off at 10:15am.

What’s with the scoring system? Klugos Eagles tipped 20 matches correct this week despite there being only 16 games. Thought I did ok tipping 15 out of 16.

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