3-2-1 v Souths

3 - Grant
2 - Doueihi
1 - McIntyre

3 grant
2 doueihi
1 brooks ( for punching gagai)

3- Grant
2- Nofo
1- LL

3 Luke Brooks: Great punch! Did pretty well getting the team around the park.
2 Harry Grant: Great as always. Threw that pass forward at a critical moment, still leaps above every other player in our team except Nofa.
1 Benji Marshall: There was some old school Benji magic in that game. Was pretty good.

Honourable mentions to our forwards who got bashed in the first 25 minutes, which effectively lost us the game.


  1. Grant
  2. AD
  3. McIntyre

Yeah special mention to Brooks, love the passion there, need to see more of it, but less punches to avoid the bin 🙂

3 Grant
2 Mcintrye
1 Huth.

3 Grant
2 Mac
1 Eiso

HM - Nofa, AD, ET, LL

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3 Grant
2 McIntyre
1 Huth

3 Grant (leadership, off the ball, heart)
2 Eiso (strong carries, smart strip)
1 McIntyre (bit of aggression, intensity)

HM - Nofa, ET, Brooks

3 Grant
2 McIntyre
1 Brooks

HM Leilua, Nofoaluma Doueihi, Lawrence, Eisenhuth, Kepaoa,

Naughty Cnr Cummins…just cause…

  1. Huth
  2. Macca
    Mentions biffo brooks next stop gallen

3 Eisenhuth
2 Luch
1 Marshall

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