Doueihi's Kicking and L Leilua

Doueihi has been great the last few games and wanted to congratulate him on his goal kicking…Won it last week for us and kept us in the game tonight… really like this kid and he looks like he is starting to enjoy playing for us even though we are losing.

Leilua - This guy has impressed me big time for his first full season and playing 80 mins a game. This alone has Madge’s fingerprints all over it… Not many coaches could of turned him around like this so quick and he tries his guts out every game. He covers defence very well and if there is a break in our line he is close by to help shut it down. Another off season and more experienced forwards around him will only help.

Side note - We need to set up a go fund me page for Cameron Smith as he needs to play on so we can have a crack at harry. I know its a pipe dream but he has fitted into our team system so well and with the roster changes Madge is doing he would deep down want to continue with us…

If he doesn’t spill that ball , I reckon he would have gone close . I went up early I have to admit . He looked like the try line was coming .

LL has so much mongrel in him it is not funny

he is 100% a madge type player

Lucy was ok last night, but for the most part has gone missing the last few weeks.

@GNR4LIFE said in Doueihi's Kicking and L Leilua:

Lucy was ok last night, but for the most part has gone missing the last few weeks.

Yup it’s been his first season with long minutes and a lot of games. At times yesterday he was taking hit ups on both sides of the field on the same set. Needs a bit of help out there

I have been very happy with Doueihi’s involvement. What about when he ran down Gagai! Not sure if he has picked up a bit in pace or if Gagai is getting slower, but it was good to see.

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