R.I.P Max Merritt

Australian musician Max Merritt, best known for his hit songs, ‘Slipping Away’ and ‘Western Union Man’, passed away on Thursday. He was 79.

The singer died in a hospital in Los Angeles after an ongoing health battle. His health had been declining since being diagnosed with Goodpasture syndrome — a rare autoimmune disease that attacks the lungs and kidneys.

Favourite song of his was Slipping Away, a big hit in 70’s and on Countdown a bit.

R.I.P Max.

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What a crap year this has been. RIP Max

They must have a great band in heaven.
RIP Max.

Still trying to get over the breakup of Wham, now this!

Slipping Away was a huge hit, RIP Max.

Had a few dealings with Max and various members of the Meteors over the years.

Max was a real good bloke, true professional an a fun guy. You will be missed Max. R.I.P.

RIP Max you gave me a lot of enjoyment over the years

I move that Slippin Away become the official forum anthem. It sums up our recruitment.

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