And that's all she wrote...

A game that is a mirror image of our performance this year. I actually thought with good game management we could have caused a massive upset. Not to be. I’ll be back next year, there are enough signs to make me believe.

Thanks for all your contributions, let’s finish off with:

1, WT Player of the year
2. WT try of the year:
3.Player most improved:
4.Player most disappointing (keep list short please 🙂

Stay safe everyone!

  1. Grant
  2. Don’t know
  3. Noff/Lucy
  4. Mikaele/Twal/Brooks/BJ… can’t keep this list short

Player of the year: Harry Grant. A cut above every other player in the squad.
Try of the year: Joseph Leilua against the Titans. I believe the ball went through 11 players’ hands on that occasion.
Most improved: Luciano Leilua. Great season from him. Fell away a bit in the last 4 weeks, although that doesn’t discredit his season.
Most disappointing: Thomas Mikaele. He barely looks reserve grade standard at the moment.

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Player of the year: Harry Grant
Try of the year: -
Most improved: Luciano Leilua
Most disappointing: Packer

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  1. Harry Grant (I think he still counts)
  2. Probably the Douhei try against manly
  3. Luciano Leilua
  4. Luke Garner (thought he might step up this year)

1, WT Player of the year = LL
2. WT try of the year: BJ v Titans
3.Player most improved: Nofa
4.Player most disappointing BJ…grand finals, two time center of the year…did pretty much nothing.

1 - Grant
2 - BJ against Titians
3 - LL
4 - BJ by a mile.

harry grant
BJ Leilua

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