God love this club

If it’s not Hard to watch this you may aswell go for some els

God love benji and Chris wish we could have sent them out wit a win go benji and Chris wish it could have been a happier send off

if chris had not have had those injuries geez

Sorry I’ve had to much to drink but god I love this club first full get reading the forum and following this club full time I don’t know how use are still sain haha go the tigers

Hope Benji and Lawrence have a mad celebration with the team and Robbie, Heighno.

If use don’t respect what these players have done for club your off your head god love the 2020 tigers

God love the grog monster, he’s on his way here

They need a rbt done before posting on this forum on a Saturday night

Just kidding mate, love the passion. This club gives you plenty of ups and downs that’s for sure. Hopefully a lot more positives in the future

I realise I’m far to drunk to post sorry about that good on use benji and Lawrence have a great night sorry about this

When I was 16 and In sg ball Chriss Lawrence was the 1 who came to speak to us and tell us what first grade was like Give us plenty of tips and tell
Us what to look out for I’ve never met a more genuine bloke hope he enjoys the rest of his life and goes for the tigers for ever

Onya @finnzo, have often felt the desire to get maggoty just to watch the boys this year but respect my neighbours(and TV) too much.
This team may drive me up the wall but I honestly couldn’t imagine supporting another club.
Enjoy the rest of your night!!

Haha good on ya mate not looking forward to reading this in the morning hahahah go the tigers

@finnzo said in God love this club:

Haha good on ya mate not looking forward to reading this in the morning hahahah go the tigers

Enjoy yourself,hope your head isnt too bad in the morning.This club is part of your life till you die

Sorry ever 1 haha I’ve Cleary drank way to much haha

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