Matterson free to play, Douehi to miss a week

Tigers rorted again. Anyone surprised?

Seriously NRL is just a farce.

Match Review Committee.

That is pathetic what on earth are they thinking

Doueihi can miss a trial can’t he?

@GNR4LIFE said in Matterson free to play, Douehi to miss a week:

Doueihi can miss a trial can’t he?

If there are trials next year, yes.

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What a joke, Madge should select Doueihi for New Zealand so he can serve his ban 😁

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Expecting fairness from the otherwise unemployable fools that “run” the NRL is, like it’s always been, a fool’s errand!

@GNR4LIFE said in Matterson free to play, Douehi to miss a week:

Doueihi can miss a trial can’t he?

The NRL says no and thats final
How dare you even ask
We are the Tigers, worthless peasants
We just make up the numbers and bring in finance and produce great players for the wealthy clubs to pillage so they can continue as always to play finals football
We are under different laws to those wealthy elite clubs
Now get back in your hole and and dig your way out with your bare hands
When you finished you can fill it and dig another one
This time using one hand and I want it twice as deep
The top 8 can go out for your choice of a nice dinner cruise on the harbour or and 8 course meal at the finest restaurant in Sydney
All expenses paid of course

That’s what it feels like to me
Completely one sided

How that grub got off , is unbelievable, the slimmmy eels again gett all the breaks .

Hope he gets any charge again next week, with carry over points he’ll be gooooooone

Judiciary panel shouldn’t be allowed to watch football

When someone has something to answer all they should see is a computer generated image of exactly what happened

Surely there is technology to make it happen

Than panel have to decide punishment with no idea of what club infringed and what players were involved

I know it will never happen but jeez it’s pretty obvious who you are and play for has a big bearing on the punishment you receive

If matto was still a tiger and did it he would of faced automatic 2 to 3 weeks

I am disgusted. The Matterson tackle was avoidable. The tackle was almost complete. There was no reason for him to even be there to make that tackle. He had so much time to think “I don’t need to do anything here”. The MRC and judiciary need to be blown up. I’ll never forget Billy Slater’s shoulder charge.

That just shows what a joke the nrl has become

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