NRL Finals Wk 2 *Spoilers

Get the job done, Raiders.

Tipped roosters, cheering for Canberra. Neither team makes it to the grand final though

I’m hoping for storm and raiders gf

Waiting for ref to receive money from nick

I want the team that can beat Penrith to win and that said… don’t think Canberra can… Think Roosters can tho

@TheDaBoss said in NRL Finals Wk 2 *Spoilers:

Waiting for ref to receive money from nick

Hoping Wicky punches out Nicky

Big Papa get in son

Let’s hope it’s not a repeat of last week with the early leaders getting run down.

Papa the premier prop of the comp.

Great try ridiculous penalty to get the raiders up there though

Flanagan is worse than a Brooks

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