Sabre v Happy SOO Challenge

Been around for a while now …for the newbies the rules are this

Qld win SOO Sabre has to assume an Avatar of a Qlder he hates until Rd 1 chosen by the Forum

NSW manage to stumble across the finish line and produce the miracle Series win Happy has to assume an Avatar the Forum chooses until Rd 1

Nor sure if we have many (if any ) Qlders on the Forum …but I need some help me thinks …feels like Rorkes Drift lol …but don’t worry …I’ll end up with a VC hehehehehe

So let the banter start and come up with an Avatar we will both hate

From memory Sabre hates Billy Slater …ask Skando what I mean …so he gets my vote

I’m sure Happy could do with a wonderful Braith Anasta avatar. If NSW manage to scrape over the line being massive underdogs hehe

I’m in your corner Happy.
Slater is one. Inglis just to rub it in.
Or could give him the Boyd avatar as nsw are a bunch of Boyds

@sheer64 said in Sabre v Happy SOO Challenge:

Hedge your bets 😆

Meet them both in 1986 actually …Artie was after a Commonwealth Bank cup game with Mike McLean…we were the curtain raiser to a National Panasonic double Header of Port Moresby v Easts and Combined Brisbane and Manly at Lang Park

Do you even know how to upload an avatar…

@Geo said in Sabre v Happy SOO Challenge:

Do you even know how to upload an avatar…

Clearly not.


A pic of the chin with his dad would be a good one for you Happy 😁
Perhaps Kevvy Walters or Josh Maguire for Sabre?

How about a Tongan most people hate on here…
Robert Jennings Avatar

the worst QLDer ever Diarrhoea Boyd

I was thinking Danny Weidler as well …but that is simple below the belt …isn’t it

Well Ive made my selections…Enjoy your avatar Happy 😏


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