Telegraph in trouble

Haha nice to see that filthy rag of a paper, and in particular Rothfield, in big trouble for ‘accidentally’ leaking the name of the Dally M winner hours before the ceremony. The NRL are furious apparently and are launching an investigation. Couldn’t happen to a nicer media organisation 😁

Time for him to give it away, his commentary on chippy Frilingos was just verbal vommit, RL journalism is dying a slow death

Not my fault according to Rothfield - bet he is sweating
Owing to a production error that was out of my control, The Daily Telegraph website accidentally published the winner of the Dally M award before the official announcement tonight. We apologise sincerely for the mistake.

Tie Murdoch to a stake,gather their “journos” around him and “Burn the witches”

Give the poor old bastard a break, he was probably 50 schooners deep and hit the wrong key.

The fact he tries to absolve himself speaks wonders.

They might stop writing rubbish on us for a few hours… Clowns

I wonder if Buzz also leaked coach of the year to Paul Kent last year after a couple of reds

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving paper or drunk!

These things are deliberate … there are safe guards the same as last week at ICAC confidential personal information released these people are precise and detailed…

@Snake said in Telegraph in trouble:

These things are deliberate … there are safe guards the same as last week at ICAC confidential personal information released these people are precise and detailed…

Any publicity is good publicity

Nothing like a good Spoiler to steal the limelight

Fuming NRL to launch investigation into Dally M Awards leak ‘stuff-up’, Panthers also livid
By George Vlotis and Melanie Dinjaski

The NRL are fuming after the Daily Telegraph accidentally revealed Canberra star Jack Wighton had won the 2020 Dally M Medal before the ceremony had even begun, with an investigation set to be launched.

The Penrith Panthers are also livid at the leaked result and that their top player and coach were required to attend the awards night by leaving their bubble during grand final week.

As early as 6:30pm (AEDT), the Telegraph splashed a story with the headline ‘Dally M drama: System needs an urgent overhaul’ with an image of Jack Wighton and Nathan Cleary, which was seen on the publication’s website.

The final scoring ladder, showing Wighton the clear winner 26 points ahead of the other medal frontrunners, could also be found. Incredibly the masthead jumped the gun in publishing not only the results, but their follow-up stories about the presentation night.

Wighton, apparently, was not aware of the leak due to his phone being confiscated before he saw the news.

An “angry” NRL will now investigate the gaffe which could have huge ramifications for the future of rugby league’s night of nights.

“The NRL want an investigation into this, they want to know how this happened,” Nine’s chief rugby league reporter Danny Weidler revealed on 100% Footy on Monday night.

"What they’re also particularly angry about is the story that was leaked, it was critical of the award that Jack Wighton got. So, it was a double-whammy for them.

I’m not a huge punter but isn’t there a market for Dally M’s?

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lol, did I read that right? The DT wrote a story questioning Wighton as being the winner of the Dally M? Even though it’s people from the DT that cast their votes making up the points for the Dally M?

I for one, put very little stock in the Dally M, to me it’s not ‘rugby’ leagues’ night of nights’ but a total waste of time. I hope they can it.

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