NRL bans the Australian anthem from SoO series

Mustn’t be an event of national significance

The NRL has made a hugely controversial call to scrap the singing of Advanced Australia Fair from the upcoming State of Origin series, a year after Indigenous players took a stance against the anthem.
Phil Rothfield, Sports Editor-at-large, News Corp Australia Sports Newsroom

October 29, 2020 12:42pm

The NRL has abandoned the national anthem for the game’s biggest showpiece event, the State of Origin series.

It will be the first time in 40 years the anthem will not be played before the kick-off when the series begins in Adelaide on Wednesday night.

The independent commission made the controversial decision at a meeting on Wednesday after consultation with the chairmen of the NSW and QLD organisations.

The explanation given was that the event is not a contest between international countries.

However the NRL has confirmed the anthem will remain for grand finals and Test matches.

“Playing the national anthem will be reserved for Test matches, grand final and ANZAC Day,” NRL CEO Andrew Abdo said.

“State of Origin is about the tribalism of the two states, it’s Australia’s biggest sporting rivalry. When NSW and Queensland run out we want that tension to erupt immediately.

“The game remains committed to our anthem. You need to look no further than last weekend’s grand final.”

The anthem became a huge issue in the NSW camp last year when Blues stars Latrell Mitchell, Cody Walker and Josh Addo-Carr spoke out before the game about their refusal to sing.

The Daily Telegraph understands the NSW Rugby League was against scrapping the anthem but bowed to the wishes of the NRL.

The Daily Telegraph is seeking comment from the NRL.
Should the national anthem be performed at State of Origin?

While Indigenous Blues opted against singing the anthem last year, NSW stars including captain Boyd Cordner, Jake Trbojevic and Damien Cook said they would sing the Australian national anthem “loud and proud”.

NSW Origin coach Brad Fittler had vowed to support any indigenous Blues players who wish to remain silent for Advance Australia Fair in 2020, saying: “Our anthem, it definitely needs work”.

Earlier this year, the ARL Commission scrapped the national anthem at the annual All Stars match on the advice of the game’s indigenous players.

So the minorities win again if these players felt strongly enough about the issue why haven’t they stood aside from SOO .I would say the $30000 they receive per game would be the reason

the $30,000 per game has been cut to $10,000 per game.
Minorities win again with no anthem being sung

Pandering to the minority

Do they have a state song ?

Sing for your supper !

Fine with it either way, though personally, would only want it sung for international matches and on Anzac day, as that is basically our true national day.

I know this will provoke much wailing and gnashing of teeth but it’s the correct decision.

@hobbo1 said in NRL bans the Australian anthem from SoO series:

Pandering to the minority

Do they have a state song ?

Sing for your supper !

We’ve got a song …Yah Yah Yippee yah yah song …you have …squat …guess you thought you’d never win again

I find that disappointing. I feel it is disrespectful to our country to not sing it.

Absolutely stupid, they say State of Origin is between two states and nothing to do with the country, so no anthem there, yet Grand Finals are to do with the country how? Lucky Warriors didn’t make the GF, would we play the Kiwi anthem then?

If the game of Rugby League wanted to actually make a difference in this society, it would come down hard on players who are involved in domestic violence, instead of just paying lip service to it. Punish a player and not just let them swap clubs.

Still waiting V’landys for something to come out of the Burgess/South Sydney/NRL drama, still waiting somewhat impatiently.

NRL backflips on decision to scrap pre-Origin national anthem
New South Wales
Mark St John

October 29, 2020 2:32pm
Mark St John

The NRL has reiterated its commitment to play the Australian national anthem prior to each game of the 2020 State of Origin series.

The Daily Telegraph reported the national anthem would be missing from the pre-game for the first time in 40 years.

However, the NRL released a statement on Thursday afternoon saying they had changed their decision and were now committed to playing the anthem prior to kick off in each three Origin games.

ARLC Chairman Peter V’landys said: “Our decision not to play the anthem was never about politics. We have always been committed to the anthem as shown at the grand final last weekend.

“The original decision not to play the anthem at Origin was about the rivalry and tribalism associated with the Origin series.

“However, having listened to the public response and given the strong national unity in fighting the COVID pandemic together, the commission has decided it is important to ensure that unity continues.

“We have always been a commission that listens to our fans. We have heard the message and acted accordingly.”

The anthem was a topic of much debate during last year’s series, with NSW’s Indigenous players refusing to sing Advance Australia Fair.

However, Blues coach Brad Fittler in supporting his Indigenous players admitted that the anthem “definitely needs work”.

The anthem was scrapped before the Indigenous v Maori All Stars game.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story reported the anthem would be scrapped, which has since been refuted by the NRL.

This post is deleted!

So it was axed now it’s been brought back .
Is that correct ?

I don’t understand how they could make a decision to scrap playing the Anthem and not think that it would be seen as a political decision?

Anyway, whatever. Over it. it really is incredible the effect that social media can have these days.

Not a problem I’ll sing the national anthem with my 7 year old grandson when the players come out then proceed to bed!

@hobbo1 said in NRL bans the Australian anthem from SoO series:

So it was axed now it’s been brought back .
Is that correct ?

That’s right Hobbo

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