Watmough - sore loser

Post game interview, referred twice to two of our 80m tries, said full credit to his boys for trying their butts off when the bounce didnt go their way, no credit to us, they hung tough, we fluked it in other words.

He’s a meat head but a great player.

He is a loser. No sportsmanship.

hate to say it (& i hate watmough) but he was right.
We were very very lucky to win that game.

I missed what he said.

Could someone fill me in, please.

In the first 40 a lot of things did go our way… but for once we actually converted those opportunities which was good.

Watmough is bloody fantastic, one of the best forwards in the game.

Exactly what I thought. Scumbag! Credit where credit’s due mate…. what do you expect from a complete thug. See him trying to pick a fight with Heighno every time he got tackled. So glad to see him on a losing side tonight 😆

He’s dumb, it didnt surprise me.

Its our ‘luck’ that Orford kicked it to Benji on the full with no defense behind him???

He’s a j**k, but damn he’s a good player. We hardly stopped him without him bouncing off someone of producing an offload.

Hate him,


Was close to best on field tonight IMHO.


watmough is a fa**ot…can’t comprehend when the other sides plays well.!! Gee I can’t stand this guy!

So true….so very true…sore loser, couldn’t believe it,

Good player, but learn how to be a good sportsman

Scoreless for the first 50 odd minutes? I hardly think that was luck. We did what we had to do even with our backs against the wall….good effort by our guys and will serve as a reminder to finish teams off when they get the chance

A few more minutes and we would’ve lost it but it’s in the history books now, we’ll take it. How many matches have the Tigers lost from that very similar situation? Nice to hang on for one for once!

I was saying to my wife what a good player he is but soon as he open his silver-tail mouth
i gave him the big W of a bloke …

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