Long kicking game

For the majority of that game (esp. the first half) we had the best long kicking game we’ve had in years.
Benji’s got a very big boot on him & if he can stick with tonights effort he’s learning how to actually use it.
Good effort.
First 2 short kicks were rubbish bit they improved after that too.
Wgen the composure went out the window towards the end so did the kicking though.

Yep. Agree. The 40/20, and beign able to get a repeat set from nothing is a huge advantage.

Well done to Benji and Robbie there.

A lot better, Moltzen has definitely made a difference imo.

Our kicking game was very good tonight. Our decision not to kick a couple of times did hurt us though.

Was at the game and I thought the same thing, our long kicking game was brillant, they found the turf more often than not

there were positive signs for marshalls kicking game last year… everything was JUST short or JUST too long. lets hope he can kick it up! 😆


A lot better, Moltzen has definitely made a difference imo.

I think Moltzen’s presence has improved the kicking all round. I also think Marshall has gotten a lot better with his goal kicking boot.

I know we can all be a bit harsh on Marshall or at least have been in the past, doing this and doing that when he shouldn’t be doing either but he is now showing the improvement we all expect from here.

Well done. That’s all I can say.

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