Hasler is another nsore loser!

Watching him in the post game conference…he complained about being on the wrong end of a 4-0 penalty count but didn’t acknowledge they got 5-0 in the 2nd half…I officially hate Manly…hope we come up against them again this year and put them out of the finals!!!

Ive always hated him, always whinges, up there with Ricky Stuart imo.

It was very poor. Reinforces why pretty much everyone hates Manly.

i was reaching for the tissues , and wanting to pass him the box through my tv screen … he was fair dinkum ready to burst into tears …notice he was sitting on an angle and not facing the cameras or the person asking the question …good teams make the most of the luck they get …

He knows tonights loss was his fault, very very angry man, hasn’t smiled for 10 months now…he went to work the day after the infamous 40-0 grand final to watch the video and picked holes in his team! very angry man

Probably said they are ‘under the radar’ as well.

He would whinge if they won. I’ve never really hated Manly but that win was great. Hope it silences the club for a while and all of the media who have wanted to talk them up every moment of the day over the past few weeks.

look at how many of the players run around on the field putting their hands in the air… how many of the crowd boo all the time when there’s nothing to penalise… its in their blood.

it must be in there culture to whinge and stamp there feet until they get what they want,
Hasler has been taught by the Master, Bob the Bozo Fulton.suck eggs sore loser 😆

sorry if this offends any old fibros on here, but i am pretty sure des hasler is tommy raudonikis’ long lost love child… 😆

They run just behind Souths and Raiders fan Skeepe in the cry baby stakes

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