Magic Moments

1 on 1 rake….
Orford throwing it into touch…


1 on 1 rake was superb. A smart play indeed.

Benji’s early 40/20
The former Wolfman knocking on in goal.
Moltzen playing at a ball with his foot from an Orford kick and taking off down field.
The sensible decision to take a 2-0 lead. Made a big difference in the end.

Wolfmans attempted imitation of a Paul Carridge(spelling?) Chip from his own tryline straight to Benji!

Paytens chargedown, everyone thought it was a stuff up at the time but it was a match winner.

when robbie kicked the dropgoal. at halftime i told mikey and milhouse that we should go for a fieldgoal early in the second half because manly would come back at us. how right was i 😎

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