Members Discount

Wests Tigers Members have the ability for cheaper premium tickets if they pre-purchase.

Emails should have been sent to all members I would assume but just picking up the slack if they haven’t

i just checked, normal GA tickets are the same price for roosters games, maybe it’s just seat allocation?

Yeah I think it is premium seating arranged so probably in the same vicinity where season tickets are allocated

so probably about 10 dollars cheaper, not terrible.
still not as good as the $8 tickets away memembers used to get.

just checked, looks like the tickets are around bay 37, near the 40 meter line on the side of the field opposite the team bench.
and in the GA section.

sneaky buggers at the SFS.


Fair enough.

I will be listening on the radio anyway I think as the scheduling of State Cup interferes with this away game

Can someone else please confirm, I checked the member’s discount for adults and it is $22.50. I thought this wasn’t great so I would check the normal GA prices, again $22.50. I couldn’t see any discount at all and given the fact you have to pay a minimum fee of $4.95 there is actually no discount to members.

Given the huge scare I had last night I may be seeing things a little strangely today so any help would be appreciated.

Note, I rang the club about this nearly 3 hours ago and had to leave a voicemail for someone to ring me back. No answer as yet.

it looks like it’s General admission with a pretty name.
i would wait to hear from the club before you book

buying from the venue might be the best bet.

i thinks its premium seating at General Admission cost.


i thinks its premium seating at General Admission cost.

i went thru the site, and selected 2 tickets, and it put my in bay 37
when i checked the venue map, 37 was classed at General Admission.

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