Who's going to the match?

I didn’t go last night and i think i was glad because i think i was gonna get a heart attack 😊 but i think i can sit back and relax alot more this game. So this would be the perfect opportunity to go to the footy and especially since we’re going pretty well too 😛

are most of you going to go?

I won’t be at this one unfortunatley.

I will be down in Shellharbour cheering on BRET. But I will hear 80% of the game on radio before the State Cup kick off. Hopefully we will have put the game to bed by that stage

Yep…pumped Rorters on their own…umm our dung heap where we smashed the silvertail scum not 5 days earlier…wouldn’t miss it

Gettin in for free…Too…

I will pumped up for the game will be going to the game.

Seriously thinking about it. Hope we can out do them for numbers in the ground.

Me. Hopefully not on my own.

My father, his 3 brothers, his father and numerouos little cousins are all Roosters fans; as are a few mates. As the lone tiger in my family going to the match with my uncles, we better win. Its a very long drive back to Liverpool, let alone the week following. Alcohol may be asked to do a job here.

The saving grave is that one of the uncles went to 10 Roosters matches in a row, they lost every single one. He did eventually break the duck but is on the losing ladder once again.


If my wife lets me.

Doubt it. Getting bombarded with bills at the moment which is keeping me stuck at home.

Might be able to find another free ticket……interested

Hi everyone

I’ll think about it…… 😉

Uuuummmmm …Oh, OK!! I’ll be there.



Might be able to find another free ticket……interested

Definitely mate.



Might be able to find another free ticket……interested

Definitely mate.


For surrrrrrrre.

The Roosters group of fans usually sit on the 20m on the Eastern Side. There gonna be a group of Tigers?

I’d imagine the chook pen is dwindling in numbers atm.

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