"The" step

Anyone notice Benji pull out ‘the’ step (several times) on one jinking run on Monday?

His confidence must be back, because I can’t recall him doing it recently. 😃

I havnt seen him do it in years but I noticed it in the 2nd half last night.

He seems to have rediscovered his speed as well.

I guess he must be getting more confident, he hasnt had a shoulder injury touch wood since 2007.

And he has only missed 1 game this year and that was with the flu, so 18/19 matches this year plus the last 2/3rds of last year, maybe the serious injuries are starting to be a thing of the past! Needs a pray smilie

I hope so. Would be great to see Benji use it more often.

Tells me how little he runs to the line now

I think he’s been running, Innk, but just not stepping.

Hopefully that means he’s nice and relaxed and able to play his own game.

Rather he run straight and Fast at the line….He is quite quick…but yes it was good to see the lair…

Yeah i seen it too great to watch ,
and another thing I really like the black n white Jersey with the collar i,m a Balmain boy but i think its great to see the maggies colors ….


Yeah i seen it too great to watch ,
and another thing I really like the black n white Jersey with the collar i,m a Balmain boy but i think its great to see the maggies colors ….

I watched the game again tonight and thoguht how good they looked in ‘real’ footy jerseys, not fancy t-shirts.

I think Benji looked very confident before the game too. There was a close up of him before the kick off and gee he looked relaxed… but in a way that gave me the impresion he was going to have a good game.

I hope he can keep his form up.

Im just happy that he’s injury free, he has the talent so the more he plays, the more it will show. He may have been around since 2003, but he is still inexperienced as far as matches go, add to that he didnt play much junior Rugby League so it is taking a while but he is starting to show some composure which we havnt seen from him before.

Geez what happened to Hemmsleys Hairdresser? 😆
No way would we be allowed to wrap Benji on the old forum without HH coming in to disagree!!

I feel Marshall is now more relaxed because he doesn’t feel he has to do it all, he now has a partner in the halves who can be relied upon to do his share. All the majical things he was once capable of will return to his game because he now has time.

As someone said Benji needs to run at the line.

Only have to look back to his great year in 05, most of his linebreaks or tries wre from running at the line (not across field) and stepping. EG - when he beat sam isemonger at campbelltown in 05 or phil graham in 05 at campbelltown. Two examples of tries he scored running at the line at pace and stepping.

When you run sideways even if you step you just dnt have the momentum or speed to go through.

hope he keeps doing it.

he is fleet footed. the bloke is very very quick. given a little bit of room he will put it all over defenders.
thank god sheens FINALLY got rid of morris. now benji has a proper halves partner he can play his natural game knowing he doe snot have to do all the work.
his combo with moltzen will only get better. gee moltzen is a great talent. great young kid n the fact he and benji live together will help em on the field as well.

i like moltzen step better 😃

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