Cricket Season Thread

Starc averaging 150km/h in his last spell. Great to see him find some rhythm. Too good a bowler to leave on the sidelines

Mark Waugh was supposed to commentate tonight but he’s not on. Has he been sighted since his little commentary slip up?

With the way England are going against the Windies, it looks like this is the best chance the Aussies will ever have of breaking the drought over there. As terrible as the Aussie batting has been, England’s has arguably been worse. It’s good for the Aussies they have had some batsmen finding form, but it’s still only Sri Lanka, who provide about as much of a challenge as Sheffield Shield teams. I still wouldn’t be convinced they are going to over and conqour England based on this Sri Lankan series.

Poms get flogged again and lose by 10 wickets and all the captain can say is “i think we have been outperformed again”.The man is a genius.

Very sad about what happened to Alzarri Joseph

Very touching gesture by the fans and English players when he came out to bat

That is what sport is truly about , respecting the guts and determination of someone who is battling the worst tragedies only hours before

We need to bag more blokes

Khawaja gets a hundred

Look I’m happy for Khawaja- a hundred is a hundred. Well done!


There is a difference between scoring runs to help the team and scoring runs to save a career. As was said in commentary, he seemed to run harder as he neared his century. I want to see this bloke score runs consistently when it matters. Maybe a bit harsh but I’m not convinced on him

I agree

We have a few that look good one moment and then I’m not convinced

Harris needs to control his urges

Yeah it wasn’t like the 100 he got against the Pakis in the UAE to save the Test but a good knock i think…

I don’t think we can underestimate the off field incidents with the arrest of his brother having an effect on Khawaja this summer…I feel he is a classy batsman and would be sticking with him for the Ashes even ahead of Warner who i don’t believe should every wear the baggy green again…but that’s me…

As i typed Labushagne gets a wicket chucking pies…hmmmmmm PIES…

Fair point. I was thinking of that innings as I was writing the post.
No doubt he is class. No doubt he has amazing skills.
Two things made me question him:
1. His very lazy running between the wickets. I believe this can demonstrate a less than 100% commitment.
2. His criticism of Shane Warne when Warne said he (and others) needed to temper their shot selection. He came across as arrogant.
I don’t know the bloke so my thoughts mean very little. Just not sure this last century says much.
On his personal situation- I feel for him. Not easy for sure.

Stay focussed

MMM Scallop pies ……had 1 on the way home

I don’t think we can read into this result …I understand you can only beat whoever is in front of you , but Sri Lanka has won 7 away Tests in 10 years and 4 of those were against the Bangas and the Zimmies

tim paine has certainly advanced his public image in the past couple of months and would appear to be well liked by the aussie public.Paine comes across well in the media. He seems to be in the know as to who will be picked for the ashes tour.

The marsh boys,finch Maxwell and Bancroft wouldn’t have enjoyed all that runmaking by aussies in the Canberra test- they will have to go out and get a mountain of runs in the Sheffield shield as they have lost their places in the batting pecking order to burns and co.
go back two tests and we didn’t have a batsman scoring regularly - cricket is a funny game.

Congrats to Pat the Bat , Gary and Alyssa on their well deserved honours last night

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