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    Honours even at the end of day 1 second test…

    289 for 5

    North 43no
    Paine a couple…

    Ponting was dudded again by Billy…made an effortless 70…

    Hopefully they can push to around 450 and the put the screws on the Indians…

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    2-1 to Australia.

    I think so too.

  • final score: 478

    Awesome innings from North.

  • @alien:


    2-1 to Australia.

    I think so too.

    too bad its only a 2 test series

  • @Bazzinator:



    2-1 to Australia.

    I think so too.

    too bad its only a 2 test series

    I didnt know the Ashes were a 2 Test series 😉


  • @Jazza:

    I didnt know the Ashes were a 2 Test series 😉


    sorry thought we were talkin about the current series in india

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    What no North is useless…

    Ponting doesn’t use Hauritz properly…Oh only Day 2…bah

    Well done the little Master…14000 test runs and counting… :master: Sachin…

    A true master to watch…Now fire up Hilfy n Mitch and get him out!!!

  • Looks like NSW have produced another good young batsman with 18 year old Maddinson scoring a quick century on his Shield debut to go with his fifty on his ODD debut.

    Mind you they are playing South Australia who have a very ordinary attack.

  • Looks like Vijay is the new Laxman :brick:

  • Wowww!! what an innings by the Little Master:

    “If cricket was a religion, Sachin would be God” – Classic :slight_smile:

  • Hauritz finally gets on and gets wickets!.

  • Good fightback by the Aussies, back on level pegging again.

    Its going a lot like Mohali, I think it may be a draw though.

  • Punter has given the bowlers something to bowl to. If its not easy to bat on, the Aussies could give it a shake.

  • Would love to see the tail scrap out another 50 runs or so because it then becomes a time situation as well.

    A target of about 240 from 75 overs will make things VERRRY interesting.
    Scoring at over 3 runs an over will not be easy on this pitch.

    Australia need to get themselves into a situation like that where its a tempting target.
    If they get bowled out quickly tomorrow then India can just block their way to victory or if the target becomes to far out of reach, then they can just block their way to a draw and it may not be easy to get wickets if they’re in that frame of mind.

    I think they have done well to get to 200, when we were 5/130 odd, I thought we’d get bowled out for 160.

    I think Watson needs to bowl a lot more tomorrow. He should be reasonably fresh, its not like he made a big score, and he wont be in the upcoming ODI series so he can get some rest afterwards.
    Unlike Mohali I dont think the short deliveries will work as much and so a stump to stump line with some reverse should be idea for Watson.

    Even though we probably wont win the series, I think we’ve done pretty well. I think India have been by far the better side yet, if you look at how things have panned out, it looks pretty even which is a good effort from a side that has had only half the side play in those conditions before.

  • I must say, the way Ponting shifted the blame onto Hauritz about the poor field placings critisised by Warnie, was a disgrace.

    “Every field that Nathan has had to bowl with since he’s been here has been at his request - it’s the field he wants to bowl to,” said Ponting.

    “Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that Shane would take the time to ask anyone about that.”

    It reminds me of when he was angry at Allan Border after AB questioned his tactics by bowling part timers to improve the over rate rather then go for the win in India 2 years ago.

    Once again Ponting shifts the blame, Ponting is always right it seems.

    As a captain, if Ponting doesnt like the field, then he should overrule his bowler.

    I think this has come about by having guys like Warne and McGrath in the side where he didnt need to set fields for them.

    To put things in perspective, he captained those guys for 3 years (04-07), how long has it been since those guys have retired? Nearly 4 years (07-11). I thought after winning in South Africa we had turned the corner but since then we have won just 3 test series against terrible opposition.

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