Well Done Beau Ryan

Well done Beau. I thought you had a solid game tonight, scoring two tries and making metres out of dummy half whilst being safe in defence. Same with Morris. When he moved to half i thought we were stuffed. But he stepped up and we won.

Giving credit to two who don’t normally get it.

Absolutely. I thought they both went extremely well. Good job!

Ive never liked Ryan, but over the last few weeks hes definitely improved. Props to him.

One of his biggest critics… but he played well… happy to be eating humble pie with his performance today

Beau is finally starting to come good at the right time of the season. I would have liked more hit ups from him today but I am a hard task master.

Well done Beau. A very good game.

Yeah he has improved, has it been since they signed the ex Bronco/ESL winger a few weeks back ? If so competetion is healthy !

Ive always rated him and been confused about the vitriol aimed at him.

Beau did well. Needs to keep it going though.

Excellent to hear he is improving.

Will keep an eye out when I watch the game tonight

I thought he had a good game too

playing for a contract. peaking at the right time.

definately a great game.

running with more vigor and not straight at the halves (which unfortunately gallant got caught doing a few times! )

allows him to make some metres.

Quiet first half but was more involved in the second half and went alright. Copped a nasty kncok in a tackle but recovered from it.

i do not see why some ppl on here rip into him. he may not set the world on fire every game, but he plays good consistent footy. he almost always bumps off the first defender when taking a run and does a sound job in defence.
everyone on here keeps calling for his head when the bloke tries hard every game.
he had a great game today.

Moltzen did well on that tackle on Mini but it was Beau Ryan who came back in cover to drive him over the sideline.

Everyone credits Moltzen for the tacke and deservedly so but do not underestimate the involvment of Ryan in that tackle.

He has been a consistent performer all year and is always making yards out of dummy half and scrambling well in defence.

He is a natural fullback and would like to see him play there now Mighty Mouse is out with Collis on the wing.

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