Skando changed the game

When Skando came on we were in trouble. we were just going side to side.
He took it straight up and led the way.
This will go un noticed by most, but believe me it was the reason the game changed.
Resign the legend again for next year!!!

i think the entire bench changed the game ….

but i wont argue about resigning the golden greek …gee i stood in the pouring rain just to see him return for us …and loved every minute of it …

He definately lifted a cog from last week…Made some crucial tackles…and did the ugly hit ups…

His mistake on the attack was dissapointing…

Skando topped the metres again this week.

Next week I would have him and Galloway starting.

Cronulla has a monster pack and we need our best two props to start.

No need for changes team was flat after the manly win .

They were awesome in the Manly game , one off day and fans call for changes

No idea

He has changed our season let alone just this game.

Go back through the last 5 games, when he has come off the bench we have gone forward and scored points.

did what he always does, runs straight.
and the others followed.
the team seemed to lift a gear after the no try to TNT with venom in defence. 😃

First picked in my team next week. He has been doing those little things in the last week that go unnoticed like forcing mistakes in the ruck, running STRAIGHT, wrapping up the ball etc. Would love to see him continue next year.

His worst game imo since coming back - dropped it cold I think twice.

Yeah ran hard and straight. But honestly 17 hitups for 109 metres isn’t anything special, pretty poor in fact. But he didn’t fall off and tackles or shirt grab this week so that was a massive improvement.

Skando went well today, did the hard yards and went forward. Had the one dropped ball in the first half when trying to force a pass but otherwise I can’t ask too much more from him.

I just love the bloke….and I expected him to come on at the 20 minute mark just like he has been in the past games - get the first 20 minutes of argy-bargy out of the way and send in the great one.
Don’t want to see him run onto the paddock at the start, I like the way Sheens is using him.

skando has been excellent for us off the bench every game he has played.
today was no different.
we didnt set the world on fire but a win is a win.
manly game drained us big time.
next week we’ll get our spark back.

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