Great Roosters Fan

I got out of the car with my girfriend in the carpark and immediately a roosters fan and his wife came over and offered us some tickets. I thought that was great as I wouldn’t have to line up for tickets. I pulled out my wallet expecting to pay overs for them, but they wouldn’t accept any money for them! What a champion!

thats excellent. its nice to hear things like this in these times where it seems so many people care only about themselves. :slight_smile:

There may not be many of them but Roosters fans in my experience aren’t too bad. Your story reminded me of the time I was in Anaheim and went to the baseball. I was on my own to buy a ticket when some locals who had a spare ticket offered it to me. Not only they wouldn’t take any money but once they knew I was a visitor they insisted on buying me dinner as well. Sometimes littles things like that can really give you a boost.

if he was a real good guy he would of given you a free ticket to Disneyland.

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