Who's Going....

Come on people’s….Last home game of the Year at Leichhardt…

Sunday Afternoon Football…

Still hope given the tightness of the comp…

School Holidays…kids will surely be bored and want out of the house by then…

Sheens starting to pick a team to win football games…

No Excusses…get out there and show the boys how much spirit and passion the fans have for the Wests Tigers…


I will be there…can’t wait…7 sleeps…

Parking the car at BLC and walking down to watch BRET give it to the Bears at 10:45

Actually had this match pencilled in as a visit to Sydney but unfortunately that won’t eventuate now 😦

Cowboys @ Leichhardt just spells W-I-N as a Tigers fan.

I tired to talk the wife into going up there for a family holiday next weekend, but she wouldn’t have a bar of it 😆

I will be there for this one. Got a good feeling leading into this game


Parking the car at BLC and walking down to watch BRET give it to the Bears at 10:45

Me too! See you there.

Yes I’ll be there for sure. Forecast to be a nice sunny day with a tempreture of 17 degrees.

See you there Tigergran

Would never miss a tigers game at LO

wouldnt miss it for the world.


wouldnt miss it for the world.

Same I never miss Leichardt games, best atmosphere on a sunday afternoon.
Cmon TIGERS !!!

be there for sure.
not going to miss this one
last game at leichhardt bringing one of my boys.

Wouldn’t miss it for the world……actually planned our overseas family holiday around the Souths and Cowboys games , so not to miss any of the action…luckly as I was watching the Saints vs Manly game at the Aussie Pub , only for a storm to stuff up the reception.

I hope no storms stuff up the SOO game drinking there this Wednesday afternoon 😕

All 3 grades on the one day. For surrrrrre!

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