2011 Dally M Voting

Round 1 Voting

Roosters v Rabbitohs - Judge: Andrew Johns

3. Mitchell Pearce (SYD)

2. Nate Myles (SYD)

1. Anthony Minichiello (SYD)

Broncos v Cowboys - Judge: Brad Fittler

3. Johnathan Thurston (NQL)

2. Josh Hoffman (BRI)

1. Matt Bowen (NQL)

Titans v Broncos - Judge: Greg Alexander

3. Jamie Soward (STI)

2. Ben Creagh (STI)

1. Dan Hunt (STI)

Warriors v Eels - Judge: Daryl Halligan

3. Luke Burt (PAR)

2. Jarryd Hayne (PAR)

1. Tim Mannah (PAR)

Storm v Sea Eagles - Judge: Laurie Daley

3. Sika Manu (MEL)

2. Kevin Proctor (MEL)

1. Cooper Cronk (MEL)

Raiders v Sharks - Judge: Gary Belcher

3. Josh McCrone (CAN)

2. Blake Ferguson (CAN)

1. Glen Buttriss (CAN)

Panthers v Knights - Judge: Andrew Johns

3. Jarrod Mullen (NEW)

2. Junior Sa’u (NEW)

1. Beau Henry (NEW)

Bulldogs v Tigers - Judge: Greg Alexander

3. Aiden Tolman (BUL

2. Josh Morris (BUL)

1. Kris Keating (BUL)

DALLY M Round Two

Eels v Panthers - Judge: Andrew Johns

3. Luke Walsh (PEN)

2. Tim Grant (PEN)

3. Luke Lewis (PEN)

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Raiders v Broncos - Judge: Wally Lewis

3. Josh McGuire (BRI)

2. Jack Reed (BRI)

1. Matt Gillett (BRI)

Storm v Titans - Judge: Laurie Daley

3. Cooper Cronk (MEL)

2. Sika Manu (MEL)

1. Billy Slater (MEL)

Tigers v Warriors - Judge: Gary Belcher

3. Benji Marshall (WST)

2. Chris Heighington (WST)

1. Robbie Farah (WST)

Cowboys v Knights - Judge: Greg Alexander

3. Jarrod Mullen (NEW)

2. Chris Houston (NEW)

1. Beau Henry (NEW)

Rabbitohs v Bulldogs - Judge: Gary Belcher

3. Jamal Idris (CBY)

2. Michael Ennis (CBY)

1. Andrew Ryan (CBY)

Roosters v Sea Eagles - Judge: Andrew Johns

3. Kieran Foran (MAN)

2. Anthony Watmough (MAN)

1. Dale Cherry-Evans (MAN)


6 J Mullen (NEW)
5 S Manu (MEL)
4 C Cronk
3 A Tolman (MEL)
3 M Pearce (SYD)
3 J Thurston (NQL)
3 J Soward (STI)
3 L Burt (PAR)
3 J McCrone (CAN)
3 L Walsh (PEN)
3 J McGuire (BRI)
3 B Marshall (WST)
3 J Idris (CBY)
3 K Foran (MAN)
2 A Watmough (MAN)
2 M Ennis (CBY)
2 C Houston (NEW)
2 C Heighington (WST)
2 J Reed (BRIS)
2 T Grant (PEN)
2 J Morris (CBY)
2 N Myles (SYD)
2 J Hoffman (BRI)
2 B Creagh (STI)
2 J Hayne (PAR)
2 K Proctor (MEL)
2 B Ferguson (CAN)
2 J Sa’u (NEW)
2 B Henry (NEW)
1 D Cherry-Evans (MAN)
1 A Ryan (CBY)
1 R Farah (WST)
1 M Gillett (BRI)
1 L Lewis (PEN)
1 Ben Barba (CBY)
1 A Minichiello (SYD)
1 M Bowen (NQL)
1 D Hunt (STI)
1 T Mannah (PAR)
1 CG Buttriss (CAN)
1 Slater (MEL)

i’m sure they just don’t actually know any of the other players in our team outside Benji, Robbie and Heino. Thought Ayshford was in the top 3 players on Saturday.

Dally M award carries nothing as far as I care. Deadset no Ayshford this week? No Williams last week for Canberra (despite getting MoTM). Lol.

No surprise to see Mullen leading so far, he’s been finally living up to his potential.

Sooo whats it now? Benji must be killing it…

benji and thurston are equal first on 9 points

What did the Dally M ladder look like last?

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Thurston had a big lead (right before he got injured) I think he had 5-6 points up on Gallen, and about 9 up on Foran. Although with his good form lately Foran has probably closed the gap on Thurston and would be the favourite to take it out.

Haven’t seen it in 6 weeks. Last I saw it Thurston was on 21 and Marshall, Foran and Gallen were tied on 15.

Thurston could be back this week There are whispers abound up here Was talking to one of the Area Managers from work in Townsville and he started training this week and they are quietly confident at two weeks worse case scenario he will be back

It would be good to see Marshall come out on top this year although I don’t think it will happen seeing as he was quiet most weeks thurston was out I think foran would prob be thurstons biggest threat i actually wouldn’t mind seeing take the dally m on top of thurston…

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Thurston will win it…why? because he has been the best performer week in week out this year for his club. If he comes back soon and continues form he’ll be a shoe in.


Thurston will win it…why? because he has been the best performer week in week out this year for his club. If he comes back soon and continues form he’ll be a shoe in.

Thurston and Foran would both be deserving winners of the award, other than those 2 I can’t see anyone else winning it.

So what time does the dallym awards kick off?

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