Mitch brown

will be good to see how he goes up against ashford or lawerence…

With Gallant resigning, spots in next years side are few in number and there is no better way than making an impression against your future club than by putting them to the sword.

Mitch Brown = imposter 😕

@red dogg:

will be good to see how he goes up against ashford or lawerence…

Should be an interesting match up. If the Tigers fire up he should have plenty of tackling to do.

He can put on hold any blinders for 2010-11!
Ayshford will knock him down - but Lawrence will hurt him if they play opposite.

IMO he is a fullback. Nothing else.


IMO he is a fullback. Nothing else.

I agree - but like Seersy he needs to learn to catch the ball!

At this stage Ryan would be more reliable.

Geez I hope we didn’t pay much for him for next season…he’s a NSW cup player at best.

On the occasions i have watched Brown play he has been average to poor … not a good signing imo

I really wish the NRL had a system like in the US where sports like the NFL and the NBA publicly release the players salaries.

I.e. you know which bloke is getting 10 million and who is getting 500 000.

It would help a lot in the NRL.

If Mitch Brown has come across for $40 000 a season + match payments…okay, he’s a backup. Decent signing.

If he’s come across for $150 000 a season…it’s a disgraceful signing.

It would help to know these things in terms of how we as fans judge the players.

Mitch Brown is awful I dont know why where wasting that money on him

hes slow cant catch, did you see him get smashed over the sideline on monday? thats our future superstar right there

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