What's the Plan.....

……to smack the Sharkies continue Ricky’s misery…with respect

I can think of 2…Smash Gallen…Kick chase turn the meatheads around as often as possible…

The Sharks are the worst in the comp at tries from beyond the 50…


Work them over around the ruck before going wide. The Sharks have a bit of size but they lack speed and with a warm day forecast the Tigers should be aiming up play up tempo and completing their sets. I think with Farah, Marshall, Lui and Moltzen the Tigers have far too many attacking options for the Sharks and provided the Tigers forwards aim up, they should have good room to move and give the Tigers outside backs plenty of ball. Use the compressed defence again because the Sharks don’t have enough speed to get around the Tigers, they will have to go through them if they are to win, and the Tigers have been defending the ruck fairly well, so this should suit them. If they get the basics right, they’ve got too many attacking options for the Sharks, it’s that simple really.

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