Perfect results for the tigers last night

Souths and NQL losses were great for us. Penrith, Manly, Knights and Parra losing also would help….but most important is our win! Come on lads!!!

Its a tough road for us to make the semi’s.

@Balmain Bug:

Its a tough road for us to make the semi’s.

Keep telling yerself……you just cant come to grips with the fact that the Fonz has us in the best position to make the semis since 2005.

You have been going off like a turnip for most of the year about how bad we are and how the coach should be sacked…a little egg on the face perhaps???

Simon, we are in identical positions to 2007 and 2008.

In 2007 we were 10/10 with 3 home games remaining against teams outside the 8. In 2008 we were also 10/10.

Were in better form this time around however after this week we have a tough run home. Im hopeful but most experts still see us missing out. Everyones pumped at the moment about our run but it will only take one loss and our task will look very tough again.

Fair enough……but I say we are in a vastly different position to 07 and 08.

We have won 5 in a row,have just got Rhino and Sauce back and have a steel in defense that has been lacking for years.

IMO the 2009 team is far superior to its 07/08 counterparts.

PS…I could not give two hoots what these supposed experts think.They are, dead set awful judges.

Keep winning and make our own luck.

It is the only way to suceed. Whilst it is good other teams are faltering it is up to us to keep the attitude and performance right.

This week is vital and next week is almost a 4 point win so fingers crossed.

Unlike years in the past I have the underlying feeling that regardless of results the boys will do the fans proud

Im already proud,to win 5 in a row in a comp this tight is a real effort.

And we had our share of injuries and close losses,and the boys have sucked it up and are coming home with a wet sail.

Very proud of them and their efforts.

Not to look back but it really makes things like the Marshall sin binning and the run of penalties given to Souths at the SCG difficult to take, moreso than at the time

Win this week, then next week will be make or break for us. I have a feeling there is only room for either us or Parra in the 8, decided next week.

Parra play the Warriors at Parra Stadium tonight. The Warriors will get spanked. Penrith play in Brisbane so they have a high chance of going down. Newcastle have Melbourne on Monday night.

Out of that … looks like 2/3 results could go our way. All is useless of course unless we win.

And as said in another thread, we can’t just take the Sharks game lightly and play at 50% and come away with an average/ugly win like we did against the Roosters. We have to prepare as if we’re going up against a team like the Dragons or the Storm and absolutely belt the Sharks. We wont be able to coast along against average sides for much longer. After this round we face some proper competition.

Also, it’s our last day game for the year - Eels on Friday, Titans on Sat 530 and Bulldogs on Friday. Last chance to play some free flowing footy. Get in there Tiges!

if parra lose we will still be in the 8 no matter what happens tomorrow and if we win and parra and brisbane lose that will put a nice gap between 8th and 9th and could see us in 6th depending on how much we win by if brisbane lose

Damit !!!Manly beat the chooks

Last night’s results do help somewhat, particularly if the Tigers win tomorrow, it puts more pressure on the Cowboys and Souths to win their remaining 3 games. Penrith are no certainties to beat the Broncos, although the Broncos are not playing well so the Panthers are a reasonable chance. Newcastle look gone to me and Parramatta are the only other team outside of the 8 who worry me, particularly if they towel the Warriors tonight. They are a confidence side and their forward pack is playing very well. If the Tigers get through unscathed tomorrow then next Friday night will attract plenty of interest.

Reults tonite not looking good so far manly won and won by 32 and parra 18-0 up f/a could be important in regards to Manly although with Parra on odd point it wont really matter - we just need to put the sharks away tommorrow and find a way to stop Hayne next week

I dont get it……peeps are worried about results.

I dont care who beats who.

We win two games we are in.

Simple as that.

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