Love It!

They just showed barrett in the stands, head in hands, possibly crying.
Tiges make barrett cry again!
One of my favourite memories of 2005 relived :slight_smile:

he must have had something in his eye 😒 😆

Im sure some clever yet nasty and devious soul could create a terrific masterpiece using that vision and a gif animator program

hahaha it brought back good and bad memories for me.

The good, remembering Barrett in the 05 prelim on his knees.

The bad, remembering Gibbs looking exactly like that on the bench when we played the Roosters at Campbo in 04.

The hiding also made amends for Hodgo’s dismal farewell last year at Leichhardt.

Least he is taking some pride in his colours

My hat goes off to barrett, must hurt sitting in the stands watching your team get flogged

I know it hurt alot watching us getting thrashed by 60 to the storm and a similar scoreline the following week to the eels to memory 😦

and he cried twice in the match …lol… is probably too scared to sleep with the fear of a tiger nightmare lol…

im a big fan of barrett.
i think he is a great player who just had a crap coach all his career.
if he was under bennett he would have destroyed teams and dragons would have won a premiership in the early 2000’s when they had internationals n origin players every where in their team with brown at the helm.

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