Lifting Tackle….Grandstand made it sound pretty bad…

Anyone watching it…How bad was it…?

If so then he has badly let the team down 2 seasons in a row…

I havent seen it so dont want to jump the gun. however sheens would be livid with him if he gets 2 or 3 weeks at this time of year again

didn’t look that bad to me

there wasn’t much in it. if poore got off payten wont have a problem either

I thought there was nothing much to it but its a lottery these days.


didn’t look that bad to me

didn’t look that bad to me either.

No way he should be on report. He shouldn’t have anything to worry about IMO.

Get him to chuck on a red and white jersey on the night and he will be fine.

Let him down gently…at worst grade one(same as Poores,which looked a lot worse)which probably means one gam suspension

Topou contributed to the tackle by stretching out to offload the ball.

If payten gets suspended for that the NRL is a joke

Just use Poore’s excuse, oh but wait a sec, we don’t have Wayne Bennet to scare the panel. 😆

I was at the game and didn’t even notice it honestly


I was at the game and didn’t even notice it honestly

Yeah seen it on Fox it was nothing at all he will be ok… Payten that is…

To be honest, I can’t remember much from the game, just lucky to have recorded it (got private box tickets given to me!!!)

Nothing in it.
But he has definately lifted.
Never seen a prop so hungry to catch the ball on the full.

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