Any updates on skandalis, farah’s niggle lawrence’s hamstring etc saw a few guys limping might have just been minor things i.e saw tuiaki limp a bit, Any news

Bad time for


to go down.

Payne and Galea were limping/in pain at stages too.

Plus Payten on report.

Hopefully they’ll all be ok.

I saw a few walking wounded out there today! Hopefully not too serious!!

It was only Farah being very stubborn that got him out there today in the first place! He needs to be wrapped up and looked after till friday night.
I think Lawrence picked up an arm,elbow,shoulder injury? Did anyone else see him trying to stretch/shake it out in second half?

According to Royce

Corey Payne. Knee medial ligement damage

Skando, Limped passed him and looks like wont be playing next week.

However Royce is certainly no doctor

Why do we always seem to pick up injuries approaching clashes with the slime.


Why do we always seem to pick up injuries approaching clashes with the slime.

The same reason we always play teams when their players return? 😆

every team has injuries …
the dressing room is like a casualty ward … strappers , doctors .massagers…especially at this time of the year …

Players will play with pain. At this time of year, its about gritting the teeth and bearing it. Farah, Lawrence and Tuiaki will all line up against Parramatta Friday night. Try stopping them from running out.

No one is arguing that these professional athletes play with pain. But today we did pick up more injuries than usual for one game. At this time in our season and with such a big game on friday night it is valid to make enquiries about players surely… 😕

Surely you guys know that our coaching staff are old foxes when it comes to this stuff. Just listening to Simmons saying we;ll probably have 3-4 changes to our line up for friday, Please! only concerns would be payne and skando, payne will play unless the damage is structural and skando is 50/50 if its a bad cork especially with short turn around. So not too many changes biggest concern is skandalis’ cork. Although I guess Halatau is back this week right? So he could slot in nicely.

Tuiaki looked to pick up a cork late in the game. Noticed him limping towards fulltime but it didn’t look serious.

Well sounds like Payne’s gone…
We have more than enough quality to cover Payne imo… so it shouldn’t hurt us too much… if anything it will get Galea more time on the field which is a good thing…

Skando will be huge loss IMO…

I think the rest should be fine from what i saw…

i think kg has done something to his hand, hopefully not to serious

I would bring in either Al Beetham (Surprise packet and has been playing awesome of late, bring some more size and agression to the bench) or Laurie (however i think Parra would run right through him).
Shrinak would get smashed against Parra so doesnt leave us with much size to go with of the bench.

My bench would be:

17-Beetham/Laurie/Akeripa (sometimes something different can work when no-ones knows it is coming).

I just hope to God that they do not add Collis to the bench….that would do me and our hopes.

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