Were 5th. Now im scared….

Ive never seen such a scrap for the 8. usually it is 2 or 3 teams. This year you can throw a blanket from 5th to 12th.

I just hope our position in the ladder doesnt inflate our egos. Lose next week and more then likely back to 9th or 10th.

40-24 I think the score is atm.

Im a bit worried about the Broncos hovering around, theyre still not playing great but theyve got the class to make a charge along with us and parra.

yeah it’s pretty tight, 25 points now is the bottom of the 8

yeah I dont know to be happy or sad I stupidly tipped the useless panthers which cost me the lead in tipping yet the tigers go to 5th! its actually not good because that means the broncos creep up more (god I hate them)

I think theyre 7th now.

I just dont like them being there, I wish they would go away, its hard to believe theyre level with us!

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