Home Sweet Home....Living with Benji at Breakfast Point

I reckon Benji must be some sort of great housemate, because since Tim Moltzen and TnT have moved into his digs at Sunny Breakfast Point, both Tim’s and Taniela’s games has improved tenfold. I am very biased on the area as I live in sunny Cabarita , a five minute walk from the Palace Hotel , where the lads can be seen enjoying a very quiet drink while Benji has a slap on the Pokies.

I posted years ago when Scottie Prince was itching to get back to Qld that the Club just should set him and his wife up in a great townhouse on the water at Cape Cabarita and after his wife spent a week overlooking France’s Bay, all thoughts of going back to Qld would have been erased from her memory. Scottie would have been signed up for thress years partnering Benji and Robbie, and the joy we are having now , could have been happening for years.

I been having this thought for months now, that a relaxed and sweet homelife is the main reason why Tim, Benji and TnT have been shining bright this year, but it was confirmed , when I read this quote from the following article in today’s daily Tele……

Tuiaki’s try-fest reaches record proportions

By Nick Walshaw HIS mouth carries more gold than most old Tigers earned in a lifetime. And now cult winger Taniela Tuiakiis an outside chance of breaking one of his club’s longest-standing records as Wests Tigers charge towards the 2009 NRL playoffs.

Tuiaki is just eight tries from owning the mark for most tries in any season in Wests Tigers, Balmain or Western Suburbs history.

But please don’t ask the man himself, who crossed the stripe another three times against Cronulla yesterday, to talk about Balmain winger Bobby Lulham and those 28 tries he scored way back in 1947.

“Ahhhh … to be honest I haven’t even thought about anything like that,” the shy New Zealander says, flashing those bling fangs. “Although one of the guys who works in the Tigers office came and told me the other day that I was a couple of tries from breaking a club record. So, yeah … I’m happy for that.”

This is about as animated as Tuiaki gets without a Steeden in hand. <big>He keeps his sentences short. Says he owes housemates Benji Marshall and Tim Moltzen plenty.</big> Shyly shrugs off claims he’s something of a Wests Tigers jokester, with “I think the boys laugh at me more than they laugh with me”.

Like at Toyota Park yesterday when the towering Kiwi closed in on, equalled, then passed the Wests Tigers record for most tries in a season. That mark was held by 2005 premiership winger Pat Richards.

Incredibly, the North Curl Curl junior needs only to cross the stripe twice more to snare Daniel Fitzhenry’s club record of 43 tries. “And Fitzy took 119 games to get there,” a Tigers staffer said. “Taniela has played 77.”

Tuiaki concedes his omission from the New Zealand World Cup team and 2009 Anzac Test have been a motivator. “That hurts, knocked my confidence around a bit,” he says. “But what can you do? You’ve gotta keep playing good footy … keep scoring tries.”

Being so close to Concord Headquarters and the great and relaxed lifestyle that Cabarita and Breakfast Point brings, suggests to me that we should get RoseCorp ( Breakfast Point and Cape Cabarita Property delevopers) as our Major Sponsors next year and set up the rest of the team digs there…could you imagine how the team would preform in the coming years.

Go to this link to see why Tim, Benji and TnT have such a sweet homelife… http://www.rosecorp.net.au/breakfastpoint.html

Go to this link to see why Scottie’s wife would have stop pestering her man to go back to Qld, if our Management had set her up here … http://www.capecabarita.com.au/

You’re not a real estate agent by any chance?

It definately would have been a happy household last night, 38 points scored between the three of them! Nice! 😃


You’re not a real estate agent by any chance?

No Mate, but rereading my post, it sure sounds like I am. I just send an email to hopefully a decision maker at RoseCorp, hoping they will become the Major sponsor of the Wests Tigers next year and beyond……because I think our great team is still needing one.

This is a copy of the email I just sent…

Good Morning Sara,
I am writing to you today, to introduce to you, a fantastic sponsorship offer that your company with greatly profit from.

Our West Tigers Rugby League team are looking for a Major Sponsor next year. For only $AUS900, 000 a season, which will be a steal for a business like yours, with the amount of TV coverage the Wests Tigers team get in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and the rest of Australia.

They are also the Good Guys of the League and have a fantastic brand and image.
With the Wests Tigers having their local headquarters at Concord Oval, they are the local team to the future residents of your Breakfast Point and Cape Cabarita developments. Three of the stars (Benji Marshall, Tim Moltzen and Taniela Tuiaki) of the Wests Tigers actually reside at your beautiful Breakfast Point development and loving it I believe.

I also live close by and love everything you have done for the Area. Unfortunately, with all your great work, your Brand name is not that well know, and it should be, for the quality of work that your company produces.
With sponsoring the Wests Tigers, your RoseCrop image would quickly gain a following of many tens of thousands ,and sales of apartment and townhouses, would quickly increase tenfold.

A unique brand born out of two foundation clubs in the famous Balmain Tigers and Western Suburbs Magpies, the Wests Tigers have over 200 years of history and generational support.
In 2009, Wests Tigers are celebrating our 10th anniversary as a joint venture. The Wests Tigers are a young and exciting brand both on and off the field - an attractive proposition for both fans and corporate supporters.
Wests Tigers are Sydney’s leading sports brand and unashamedly boast the following statistics:
• Leading home crowd averages in Sydney for the past three seasons.
• Leading away crowd averages in the National Rugby League in 2008.
• Leading merchandise sales in Sydney for the past three seasons.
• Over 14.2 million TV viewers in 2008 and 15.5 million views in 2007.
•The largest geographical spread of home grounds including Campbelltown (South West), Leichhardt (Inner West) and Sydney Cricket Ground and Sydney Football Stadium (Inner City, Eastern Suburbs) - providing a broad demographic audience.
• Roy Morgan ranks Wests Tigers as the most supported team in NSW with 489,000 fans and ranks third in the NRL behind one team towns in Brisbane and Melbourne.
• Wests Tigers are a club that prides itself on positive culture and community involvement - this is the foundation of our brand. We have recently established the Stars With Stripes community program headlined by the new “It’s Not Cool To Be Cruel” anti bullying campaign.
“As the major sponsor of Wests Tigers, they can provide your client with all of this plus and extensive branding and leverage benefit program commensurate with the status of being the major sponsor of this great club,’’ said Brett Clarke, Wests Tigers General Manager Sales and Marketing.
“In the current market, there is no better statement of the strength of your client’s brand than a major sponsorship announcement. This emotive and tangible medium over any other has the ability to connect with the customer on a number of levels. Sport in uniquely ingrained in the Australian psyche and a sponsorship statement of this magnitude is the ideal opportunity to gain the ultimate cut through.

Please Contact me if you are interested and I will put you in contact with the Marketing Manager at the Wests Tigers. Looking forward to hearing from you, and keep up the great work on making quality developments.

You want that 100K don’t you Alad……Great work mate…Don’t ever ever ever put it on the Manly scum they will let you down everytime…

Just on the Living arrrangements…Moltz , Benj and Tui seem to be definately benefiting On and Off the field…Who foots the Meal Bill… 😕


You want that 100K don’t you Alad……Great work mate…Don’t ever ever ever put it on the Manly scum they will let you down everytime…

Just on the Living arrrangements…Moltz , Benj and Tui seem to be definately benefiting On and Off the field…Who foots the Meal Bill… 😕

Nah Geo , not really…I said to Justin Schumack(WT Marketing), that I might take it as a Sponsorship of my company on the shorts or something like that…I just really want our team to have a good supporting Sponsor for next year.

I already tried to hit my Golfing mate’s Business, Kennards and have emailed Tiger Beer, and got a response that both at not prepared to sponsor any RL team at the moment.

And Geo, I have learnt my lesson with Manly…but I made it all and more by back up, by taking the WT 20s and or WT NRL teams both on Sunday giving the 12.5 start.

I reckon TnT should foot 1/2 the food bill and Benji and Tim a 1/3 each

Me thinks they will have to move now ❗

It is a massive place……I think they will be alright. I have just sent another reminder email to the powers to be at RoseCorp…hope they take this bait I just sent them…

Can you image the free publicity RoseCorp would get on TV and other media outlets, when the Wests Tigers win the NRL Premiership?

I can picture it now…… Benji Marshall is holding up the NRL trophy at the Green (Cricket Oval) at Breakfast Point, and then he states that he owed part of his great form on having the use of the great facilities of the Pool and Gym at the Country Club to keep in shape and the relaxed lifestyle makes Breakfast Point, a fantastic place to live.

I really believe this will be a great catalyst for hundreds of Sales of apartments and townhouse at Breakfast Point.
The timing of the sponsorship deal is vital for maximum exposure, and with an estimated crowd of 30,000 fans at this Friday’s clash of the year, against the Parramatta Eels, this is the best time to make a commitment. If the announcement was made this Thursday, the exposure in Friday’s Sydney papers would give your company a massive shot in the arm in these difficult property selling times.

Can you please revert back with your thoughts on Sponsoring this great Team?

I just did a chase up call, to make sure RoseCorp received the emails I sent….which they did and they said they had and it’s been forwarded to the Marketing Manager…fingers crossed, they sign, but I was just thinking…I wonder how ROSECORP would look on the front of the a Rugby League jersey. 😊

Or the alternative, the digs are so flash, they all get so lazy they end up playing woefully.

I wonder how ROSECORP would look on the front of the a Rugby League jersey.

Better than SEIMANS I’d say 😆

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