Hayne - Positional Play

Just had a thought,
We all know Hayne plays FB and injects himself when he wants too (which seems to be most of the game as of late)

But recently a good percentage of our tries have come from counter attacks/inside our own 50.

Do you think this will automatically nullify him somewhat as he will probably be a bit hesitant to be at the line all the time as he has been in recent weeks?

Of course this will mean nothing if their forwards are running all over us, but if that was the situation id say the game would be gone anyway.

as long as we do not kick the ball to him on the full where he will get a crack at us in broken play then we will nullify his long range runs.
unless we are all over them, i think we should look to find the line early in the game at the end of every set when kicking out of our own half. this will give us time to set the line.
even if we have to do what some team did earlier this year to melb, by kicking the ball dead in goal from their own half, to take slater out of the game, (and it worked coz melb lost) it would be a good tack tick.
the less space he has to run, the easier he will be to contain.

i would love us to start with a few mid field bombs,with the sole intent on smashing him when he has caught the ball.even if we give up a penalty,as long as we smash him early.

You have to admit, Hayne has been the player of the season thus far…best player in State of Origin and showing his class for the Eels in their 5 match streak. He should win the Dally M, imo.
We have to stop this bloke. No one else has been able to do it so far.

We have to go down the same path as the Manly game, keep it simple and long kicks for the corners and get the chasers down and put up the fence. You dont wont haynes comming at you from mid field with plenty of room

I’d like to see us put some pressure on him early with some attacking bombs….

In the games I’ve seen him play, he really hasn’t been under that sort of pressure from the high ball.

I think we should keep kicking the ball dead in goal…

We’ll set our defensive line & we’ll keep hayne off the ball…

well storm kept doing it last night, but that was against slater, even though hes kinda out of form at the moment.

Could be a good tactic.

We should start a second Hiroshima, bombs away from the start, gives our boys a chance to get up there contest or even better we he hits the ground, just smack him and show him what hes in for. Second option, play field position, kick the ball dead or try kicking to the corners/sideline, make him bring it infield… or better still don’t kick to him at all :slight_smile:

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