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I am an absoloute stooge and booked a flight for 3.20pm friday arvo for Melbourne as I have to be there this weekend. Is the game going to be on TV anywhere - what are my options other than necking myself?

When I was in Melbourne last year this pub right in the city was owned by poms and they had Imparja so they could watch league. I can’t remember what is was called sorry, some Irish pub that was downstairs…I will try and remember.

I think they usually show the game at about midnight. They are highly committed to promoting the game down there 😕

If you find a place with Imparja it will be on at 9:30, just need to remember the name of this place…grr…

The Limerick Arms Hotel, corner of Clarendon Street and Park St South Melbourne.
They’ll be showing the game at 9.30pm in partnership with
The Dragons v Broncos game gets the 7.30pm slot as Imparja caters for the Queensland teams first, as it’s their main viewing audience.

Take the 112 tram from the city on Collins st near the Spencer St intersection, heading west then south, takes about 10 minutes!

Legend mate thanks a lot! If I can’t get there I’ll settle for the 12.45am viewing on 9.

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