Blue & Gold Army Rises...No Home Game Advantage Again

In today’s Daily Telegraph, there is a small piece on how the Wests Tigers fans face the embarrassment of being outnumbered by double the number of Eels fans this Friday night.

It states that Ticketek have reported than more than 14,000 pre sales of tickets for this game, by yesterday afternoon, indicating a crowd of around 30,000.Their postcode analysis showed that Parramatta fans were snapping up tickets in a 2:1 ratio over Tigers fans, who will find themselves swamped by a sea of blue and gold.

It said that Wests Tigers officials will be privately embarrassed if outnumbered at their"home" game by Parramatta fans.
“There is a call to arms for all Tigers fans”, Chief Executive, Stephen Humpheys said last night….Blah Blah Blah…

Looks like the WT Marketing dept has recuited Dean Ritchie(who took dication of the piece, IMO) to pump up the crowd even more.

I know I have gone on about this for years on here now, but I would feel way more comfortable about the chances of the Wests Tigers needing to win 2 out of their last 3 games, if their 2 last home games against Parramatta and the Bulldogs was being played at one of their true traditional home grounds…Leichhardt Oval.

It just so happens that the last two times the Wests Tigers have beaten Parramatta when it has been their home game advantage was the following…

<big>Rd 12, 2004 @ Leichhardt Oval…33-6.</big>
<big>Rd 2, 2002 @ Leichhardt Oval…22-16.</big>

Now I understand that throw away line( meant to rally up the numbers) used by Dean Richie(and IMO our WT Management) that they will definetely be embarrassed 😊 for giving away our teams chances of making the finals by eroding our home ground advantage by playing this game on neutral soil 👿

If anything it will be even. Ticketek are using the postcode analysis. Not all Tigers fans live in Tigers areas. I’m one of 12 going on Friday and we all live within 5kms of Parramatta’s CBD.

Agree with Tommy T - while i live on the north shore all my friends that are going live in the Hills district which is considered parra turf.
Having said that, being outnumbers by Parra at home would be depressing.

How i wish this was being played at Leichhardt or Campbo.

They said the same thing when we played the dragons in 05 to make the GF.We ended up outnumbering them that night & the same will happen on friday night FIRE UP TIGERS FANS!!!

I thought the story on that night in 2005 was that they outnumbered us but we made twice as much noise…


I thought the story on that night in 2005 was that they outnumbered us but we made twice as much noise…


PS: Andrew Voss, what’s the crowd doing now mate?
AV: Well it’s the Tigers chant outdoing the Dragons one right now, I can tell you that…

In addition, I am sure there are many Wests fans who will be using their season tickets to enter the GA.

Finally, I have a sore point with the NRL. It appears that this Friday will be the greatest club game in the NRL since the Wests v St. George Illawarra preliminary final of 2005. Again, the Wests Tigers club provides rugby league with the shot in the arm it requires during times of turmoil. In seasons gone by, no one gave a crap about Manly, Cronulla or the Roosters during the finals series, yet these clubs get all the assistance from officialdom. Wake up NRL and realise the clubs that make this game great.

The Tigers to come out of the box like a lightning bolt on Friday night and put on a couple of quick tries…and silence the grubby eels fans that turn up…hehe

There will be a heaps of Tiger fans at this game.
Everyone in I spoken to is going. Even all the old Balmain fans who usually only go to Leichhardt are making the trek in to the SFS.

The SFS will be pumping.

hopefully we will see thousands of blue and gold streaming out with 20 to go. 😆

Since when does where you live dictate as to which team you follow… postcode analysis pfft…

Don’t Worry Alad….WSFS will be rockin with Wests Tigers fans …well at least Bay 13 will… 😒

Home Ground Advantage…a fortress if you will or $$$$$$$$$…Hmmm WSFS…Parra hate it there… 😕

Just using a new angle to sell more tickets.
How would they know anyway? Postcode is likely to be inaccurate as Tigers fans can live anywhere.

Hehehe. If they used my postcode, I’d either be a Manly fan or a rugby fan. Which is worse???

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