Tigers Team

1. Moltzen
2. Tuiaki
3. Ayshford
4. Lawrence
5. Ryan

6. Marshall
7. Lui

8. Gibbs
9. Farah


Kg on the bench for impact and Galea there to tackle like it!

im just hoping thats the team that takes the field.

It was mentioned Galloway and Farah have niggling injuries and Payne had done his medial ligament?

Skando out?? looks like Laurie wont be in first grade

Good side.

I can’t see Payne playing though, wonder who will come in for him?

I like Payten at prop better than in the second row, and KG provides great impact off the bench.

Good team
This will be a cracker.Im surprised Payne is playing i thought he would be gone

I like it. Good decision to start Galea IMO

Tuiaki’s brother on the other wing to make his debut ay? 😉


!) Moltzen


Kg on the bench for impact and Galea there to tackle like it!

Have we cloned Tuiaki.We are gonna kill it if there is two of them out there :slight_smile:

Halatau playing for BRET this week.

Hanbury listed as NRL on the Balmain site as well so I would imagine he is 18th man

God I hate parra… come guys, give it to em and stop them in their tracks… Time for ellis to put a shoulder into hayne.

I like this team alot. Moving Payten to the front row and bringing in the hard tackling Galea is a great move. KG off the bench is great to because he will lift our fowards around the 20-25 minute mark to keep going, alos give us plenty of metres with quick play the balls!

Lui at half will be good to see against a great opposition, lets hope they don’t go running to him every play but IMO he did do pretty well last week against a pretty big Sharkies pack!! Benji to star along with Farah to hit some form before our finals charge :slight_smile:

Side is pretty much as expected it would be. We need massive games from Gibbs and Payten as the Eels are sure to try and steamroll us up the middle early on. KG will give us great impact and go forward off the bench, if Payne plays were gonna need a bit more from him than what hes produced in his past couple of games and were also gonna need Al Schirnack to provide a little more impact than what he has in his last couple of appearances. At the end of the day, our forwards only have to break even and then our backs will be too classy for the Eels and any other side in the comp for that matter, my only concern is a lack of genuine tackle busters/line breakers in our forward pack. Ellis always does his part and we know KG will always run straight and hard, the others worry me as they dont always perform when we need them to most !

Agree with others, it’s a good looking side.

Payten is better at prop, Danny Galea is better when starting and Galloway will give a stack of impact off the bench.

If Payne is out, I wonder whether they are planning to promote Laurie, but don’t want to make a fuss all week out of it by naming him now. (That’s all speculation of course)

Great lineup… smart side i think too… We should get the win!!!


I thought Halatal was back this week.

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