Match Ups. What one are you most looking foward too?

1 Jarryd HAYNE V Tim Moltzen
3 Krisnan INU V Lawrance
4 Joel REDDY V Ayshford
5 Eric GROTHE V Ryan

6 Daniel MORTIMER V Marshall
7 Jeff ROBSON V Lui

8 Nathan CAYLESS [C] V Gibbs
9 Matthew KEATING V Farah
10 Fuifui MOIMOI V Payten
11 Nathan HINDMARSH V Ellis
12 Joe GALUVAO V Gaela
13 Todd LOWRIE V Heighington

14 Kevin KINGSTON V Morris
16 Ben SMITH V Payne
17 Tim MANNAH V Shirnack
19 Jeremy LATIMORE V Galloway

I think For me Ellis v Hindmarsh gets it just infront of Moltzen and Hayne

10 Fuifui MOIMOI V Payten
11 Nathan HINDMARSH V Ellis

8 Nathan CAYLESS [C] V Gibbs

battle of the forwards. just hope payten steps up to the plate!
cant forget gibbs

Not a positional match up, but Marshall vs Hayne is worth the price of admission alone.

Ellis vs. Fui Fui. The last time I saw them line up against each other Gareth got flattened twice. Hopefully he can get one back on him this friday.

Ellis V Hindmarsh. I just hope the Tigers keep Moi Moi and Hayne relatively quiet.

looks great across all positions should be a screamer.

I think the most riveting match up would be:

Me Vs The Bar Staff - Man I’m looking at punishing them all night!!


laurie vs moi moi

Hope you taped the first round clash then……

Ellis V Hindmarsh for mine…

Oh and Lui V Robson

I don’t think TNT will be up against Burt who plays on the left however, Grothe V Tuiaki. Two giants going toe to toe will be something. Both in form and great to see them go at it, hopefully tuiaki runs over the top of him for a double. Also LAwrence and Reddy, infact the whole left side of the tigers attack Ellis as well against Hindy because we score most of our tries down that edge!!

I think it will be very interesting to see how Ayshford goes against Reddy - a real test for him on a few levels. Ellis certainly needs a square up after the first game so I hope he has Hindy and Foi Foi in his sights. TNT V’s Burt? 😆 Man I can’t wait until that little rash Burt gets the TNT sidestep treatment!
I think Hayne will also play a big role in the halves so we will see how he and Benji line up against each other too. Will be great game if we go out there switched on from the start and don’t get stung early!

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