Dane Laurie maybe...... ??

Watching the TV news I saw Dane training with the 1sts squad.

Could he be a smokie for Friday?

assume hes backup for Payne or KG. Probably payne. I hope payne.

God I hope not….unless he is Sheensy 5 minute benchie…When we are up 36-4

But hey t_1 you can never have too many Daine Laurie threads…see ya on Friday, 😃

Happy to see laurie run out instead of Payne, and only payne.

Think we have enough solid defenders, unless payto and gibbs both fireup hard, we’ll be left with only ellis/KG charging hard.

Lets be honest payto and gibbs have been defending well, and running the ball somewhat ok up the line. But nothing mongrel like… and we need some of that!

just make sure galea is on when laurie is 😃

With the injuries we have I wouldn’t be surprised to see Laurie taking up a bench spot on friday.
the bloke has been well out of form from all reports, so it could be sheens keeping it as hush hush as he can so that there isn’t too much talk of Laurie vs moi moi round 2. It’d allow laurie to focus solely on the game and on the game plan then any battles that the media would want to hype up.

if they play him I hope its as a prop.

Give him the ball and tell him to charge… enough of this dummy running 4 times out of 5… wastes his limited energy anyway.

Laurie is Top 25 and is involved with all training runs with the squad regardless of whether he is playing NRL or State Cup.

At least he turned up to training.


At least he turned up to training.

Now there’s a positive

Sheens is throwing smoke grenades over selections saying that the Tigers have several injury concerns with both wingers as well as Galloway. I believe all 3 will play though. I’m a little bit surprised no further mention has been made of Payne’s knee injury, I would have thought he would be under the most doubt to play unless the diagnosis was wrong and there is no medial strain at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if Laurie is on standby for Payne though.

Didn’t see this…can the mods delete my thread.

Re “he has to train with the top 25”…he HASN’T been training with them for a few weeks.

Strange he would just before this game.

One little bit of info that people are forgetting……

The Magpies DO NOT have a game this week

That is why he is training with the main squad and not with the Magpies who he has been training with for the last few weeks.

Laurie is on standby for Galloway who has a small fracture in his hand. Galloway did train yesterday though so he’s expected to play.

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