what do you think the crowd figure will be

i reakon 30 000

CH 10 said the pre sales are the highest for a number of years ? They are tipping in excess of 30,000

Telegraph and NRL.COM said 30,000

Think I’ll go with ….ummm…30,000

Should be a clear night and the game is getting hyped like a GF…30 000 + for sure.

Winner = pretty much will be in the finals.

Loser = in a lot of trouble.

Benji v Hayne.

Tigers (Popular) v Eels (Popular)

Tigers (Attractive football) v Eels (Hayne and co. really lighting it up the past month).

30 000 +

Just a stab in the dark, but I would go with around 30,000.

29563 just to be different to everyone else :slight_smile:

30,000 is the popular number prediction. Is there a chance of a sell-out?

Well 3 of us can’t make it so I’d say 29,997

Friday night,massive game and 26 balmy degrees predicted…we might break 30k…all good cash for a home game!

I reckon it will break 31k

just made a flag - this is going to be epic

Ill go 26 897, the crowd numbers never seem to be as big as what they’re talked up to be.

It will either be over 30,000

or more likely


full house signs will be up friday night. this will be an epic if we desentisize their second phase play. Cronulla I believe, scored one of their tries last sunday as a result of second phase play. Parra are better at it.

apparently 15,000 have been pre-sold.
there will easily be another 15,000 walk-up’s.
im tipping somewhere arounnd the 31,000 mark.
31,352 to be exact. if anyone else is not going to make it, let me know so i can take it off my crowd figure.

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