88,500 seconds till......

FNF !!!

And what comes after 6?
You’re right.
And what rhymes with 7?
Heaven !!
And that’s where us fans are going to be about 9.10pm Friday.

Trouble is, I’m nervous.

Think I might need one of those breathing masks used at training at about 9:10pm tomorrow.

T1’s motivational and inspirational posts get me psyched, by the time I get the text tomorrow and then when knock off time comes I’ll be so psyched & pumped up outta my brains I may need a sedative

Seriously though, the closer it gets the more excited and confident Im getting, havent felt like this for a while, note all those that think Im always negative, im trying not to be negative here 😃

<big>FIRE UP TIGERS!</big>

yep. Got a feeling we are going to be taken very seriously as a threat after tomorrow night.
Love that pic ^


<big>FIRE UP TIGERS!</big>

The fact that eels live underwater is no problem:

Seems like someone around here has got “the munchies”.

20, 20, 20 3 hours to go o o
I need to be sedated

I’m not sure if this is against the rules or not, I apologise if it is but there is a pretty good blog at http://www.sidelined.com.au but the trouble is the guy that runs it is a Parramatta fan.

This is what he has to say about the game of the year:

It doesn’t get any better than this.The word is that tickets are selling fast and a big crowd is expected at the SFS. A game I’ve been anticipating for a few weeks now when both teams started their run. And if you truly love footy then you must support the Eels as a victory for all that is good and pure in the game. The Tigers with their suspect training methods have sullied the spirit of our game. It will be the Blue and Gold! And like Moi Moi and Tuiaki are good friends off the field and but enemies when they play, for 90 minutes Bismark and I will battle it out via texts exhorting our teams onwards (though Bismark will likely try and blame the ref for something at some stage - I however am above that sort of crass behaviour). What a game this will be.

Let’s fire up.

Yep, I’m pumped up for this something crazy. Haven’t felt like this since the finals 2005.

For me, this game can erase most of the pain of the last 3 seasons if the Wests Tigers can conjur a win.

Why is 6 afraid of 7?

Cause 7 8 9. 😊

(We need that shifty looking icon that succeeds a lame joke!)

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